1. I take Mounjaro and I have Lupus, sjorgens and RA. And I'm on Hydroxychloriquine. Did your Dr specify why you couldn't take it? Like was there some kind of interaction?

  2. They said it was an interaction. Granted I can’t find info on this myself but 🤷🏻‍♀️. I might approach my rheumatologist instead. I love my primary but she’s often a little hun shy about medications. She’s admitted to having to google my meds before an appt.

  3. I'm going to do some research when I get home. Now I'm really interested. When I brought it up with my rheumatologist, she thought it was great that my NP put me on it. I still haven't lost any weight though. Still a fattie lol

  4. Also, the way she’s like “we have security at the bar.”

  5. And also like... they are here for everyone's safety. It's not ok to be so reckless, and just put it on the bouncers to protect you. What if something happens and one of the security guards intervenes and gets injured?

  6. Then they would be doing their job… what exactly do you think they are there for? Not saying they should get hurt and be disposable employees but how can you expect them not to intervene and possibly get injured in the meantime. Even armed guards can’t guarantee that

  7. My point was that it's hard enough for security. This just adds to things that could get them hurt. Why add one more thing they might have to deal with.

  8. It's interesting how the guy with the backpack on his shoulder looked completely unfazed. The woman goes to help the child, but she also doesn't act how you would think an adult would react in that situation.

  9. So my question is, are they all gonna be like this? I got 2 primers which is low on my priority, lip color which is my absolute lowest, and a bland( but decent palette) that I probably will use. Not pictured is a ciate lip flip in dark blue 🙄 gave that to my daughter but I thought they were sending those out forever ago! Should I just cancel now?

  10. The palette is from the Tarte Takeover premium box a few months ago. Honestly, I don't see them getting any better. Don't do what I did and hang out for months, thinking it would get better. I have zero regret canceling. I never got anything curated from the quiz, received old items, and damaged items.

  11. I subscribed in 2017, I think. It was great at first, but over the past year, they have really gone downhill. I tried to stick it with the hope it would improve. But after they sent me a broken candle, which cut my hands and left glasses shards everywhere, I was done. Even after I explained the situation, they offered me a $6 coupon. Not even enough to buy another candle in the drop shop. Not that I would ever want another candle, but they didn't even offer to replace it. Just "sorry we tossed a candle in a big box poorly packed and left glass everywhere, here's a coupon ". Fuck that.

  12. They probably messed up and sent you a premium box by mistake. Or sent you multiple emails by mistake.

  13. Thanks, it’s really getting frustrating. I haven’t received any products yet, and the shipping emails don’t match up with what’s showing shipped in my online account. I usually have my box by the 10th.

  14. They usually send you a $6 coupon you can use towards the Drop Shop. From my experience, and from what I have read on here, they should send an email. Double check your email for the $6 coupon. I missed it the first couple times as well.

  15. This is karma for the waitress incident lmao

  16. I don’t remember the whole story but apparently she went to a restaurant and was pretty rude to this waitress. The waitress took the story to TikTok and Mikayla commented saying how sorry she was and she is just shy. Well then she decided to call the waitress a liar and say that never happened. Something like that.

  17. I've definitely noticed all the older items. I'm sure people who are new to boxycharm won't notice, and a lot of the older subscribers have already canceled. But they have fresh new eyes on all that crap..

  18. No, that was one of the things that kept me subscribed for months. Once they opened the shop up, that was all the motivation I needed to finally pull the plug.

  19. These experiences are why I haven't resubbed to Boxycharm. Seems as though a lot of people are getting older boxes instead of that month's box.

  20. It took so long to cancel as well. I had like 80-90 dollars in charms and every month, I would wait to see what was in the charm room so I could at least use my charms before I canceled. But every month, the good items added sold fairly quickly and it was the same other stuff nobody wanted.

  21. Yet she has fresh nails. Her bathroom has a counter full of assorted oils and natural remedies, which definitely isn't cheap. If fresh fruit and vegetables are SO important, maybe purchase that BEFORE all that other shit.

  22. I am so surprised how expensive things are now. Some of the stuff I bought before I canceled is now like $5+ or higher. I think the drop shop was supposed to lure in new people, but it seems like the thing only that backfired. I see more and more people canceling. When I canceled a couple months back, I thought that if there's was something I really wanted, I could get it through the drop shop. But I don't even see most of the stuff I wanted. I love the Odecite Miceller water but they haven't had that since August when they refunded my order.

  23. I agree.... but I also heard that there are now limits to how many of each item you can buy... I think it's 5 (which is still a lot for non-Boxy people imo). I think that unless you unsub'd or are currently subscribed, you shouldn't be able to shop these sales...

  24. I agree 1000%. The Drop Shop should be for people who subbed, or at the very least, keep the first few days to subbed people first.

  25. No, I wouldn't. I canceled my premium a couple of months ago, thinking I could just buy stuff from the drop shop if I really wanted something. But between the higher prices, undesirable shades, and brands I have never heard of, I think I am all set with BC as a company.

  26. No, I wouldn't. I canceled my premium a couple of months ago, thinking I could just buy stuff from the drop shop if I really wanted something. But between the higher prices, undesirable shades, and brands I have never heard of, I think I am all set with BC as a company.

  27. I think they do this shit to bring traffic to the website/drop shop. It’s shady af and illegal. I cancelled BoxyCharm after 4 years with ZERO regrets! I just buy what I want with the sub money I’m saving. At least I use the stuff I buy and it’s not expired or some overinflated AliExpress BS… Ipsy ruined Boxy with their takeover, period.

  28. Exactly! I cancelled a couple months ago, after being with them for years and I have zero regrets. I wanted to cancel about 6 months before I actually did it because I was afraid of missing out on something good.. Now, after looking at the choices each month, I realize I should have canceled a long time ago. Now I can just but something I like, and not have so much filler crap I'll never use.

  29. In my defense he was a ginger kid

  30. I'm sorry you had to cancel your subscription. It's not dumb to be sad. It was something to look forward to and give you a little boost. I am pretty sure if you resubscribe before the choice window closes, you will get to pick for next month.

  31. I finally pulled the plug on boxycharm last night, too. I had been putting it off for months. But after my last drop shop order arrived with a smashed candle, and they offered Mr a $12 coupon, I knew I had enough. I've been with boxy since there was a waitlist to sign up. When there was only a few variations. As boxycharm has grown, customer service has gone down hill so much. There was definitely some cool things like being able to pick items each month. But the bad has outweighed the good lately. Messed up shipping, damaged items (like the candle that arrived in pieces and cut me), waiting for drop shop orders only to find out weeks later they sold out.. it was just too much.

  32. It's weird that the woman in the house was like "oh we've been married 10 years" after the first lady said they were married 25. Doesn't that mean that the second wife's marriage is invalid? At least legally? How could she be so calm and collected after you just found out you're the side piece? Married or not, a woman comes to your home and acts like this and you just want to dismiss her?

  33. They will still be there, I got like 2 or 3 box months back when covid hit and then unsubbed for over a year and still had mine when I recently signed back up.

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