1. They will still be there, I got like 2 or 3 box months back when covid hit and then unsubbed for over a year and still had mine when I recently signed back up.

  2. What do y'all think the chances are of getting a pallet or two? I don't wear eye shadows and if there's concealer or foundation or bronzers will the match my profile or would it all just be random? I don't have a subscription but im soooo tempted and already bought some shit from the shop plus I have my IPSY GB for November with maxed addons and just did a couple Sephora and MAC runs lmao fml I have a problem🤦‍♀️

  3. Unfortunately, nothing will be matched to your profile. There might be a palette or 2 in the box, which would be cool. Whatever is in the box, I hope you find some stuff in there you love! Would you post your box when it arrives?

  4. The mystery bundle is probably a lot of stuff that they couldn't sell. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bunch of old primers, a few cheap palettes, and awful lipstick

  5. Oh no. That's downright dangerous aka criminal neglect. Were you hurt? Even if you weren't notify Boxy and remind them that stuff like this can get them in all sorts of legal trouble.

  6. I messaged them and I'm waiting for a reply. I was in bed and my mom brought the box in to me and I opened it on my bad. Little glass shards everywhere. So pissed.

  7. Even worse. If you wind up cutting yourself after the fact because you missed a shard, report then. Again this is literally criminal neglect once someone gets hurt.

  8. I got some glass in my hand. They got back to me and offered me a $12 coupon. I don't even know what to say because I'm so discouraged and I've been on the fence about cancelling for a few months now.

  9. Towards the end, it looks like the two new in the back take turns calming each other down. When he dropped the racist comments, I for sure thought he was about to get fucked up. But the soldiers showed incredible restraint. Imagine being that pathetic to verbally harass soldiers who are just trying to eat lunch or hang out for a bit.

  10. I followed the story over to tiktok. She hit him after she went through a red light. Then he called police and pulled over at the safest place to park, which was about block away. She repeatedly rammed him from behind while he was looking for a place to pull over. When he pulled over she took a crow bar to his car, scratched it all up and smashed his headlights. Then we see that clip with her yelling and hitting him.

  11. I’m surprised he stuck around to film after she brought out the crowbar. Common sense says a knife or gun will be next.

  12. Yeah, I wondered that myself. He watched her take a crow bar to his car and still stayed. I would have at least gotten back in the car.

  13. I actually just looked into it and I got a SUMMER box instead of the Fall one 🤦🏼‍♀️ i did submit a CS ticket because if they didn’t have fall ones they shouldn’t have charged me for one!

  14. They've that the past few months and it's absolutely bullshit.. People who signed up didn't get the box for that month, they got boxes full of random stuff. Definitely contact customer service... they'll probably offer you a coupon code but I've seen people get refunds if they fight it

  15. Beware of the Elemis toner. I got that in my box last month and it irritated my face to the point I couldn't even moisturize for like 2 days.

  16. Okay so I was a little bit worried about this months boxes but I am so happy with my premium! I got: Dominique cosmetics palette (choice) Perricone md micellar water (choice) Skin inc sculpt bar Complex culture mascara Lawless forget the filler Saint luxe lip liners

  17. I have questions about the unhealthy ketones shit she pushes. If she is still doing that. Aren’t they awful for diabetics???

  18. I have asked a couple people selling them and they swear it's great for diabetes. I obviously doubt that. It seems like the people pushing ketones really only give shit about making money.

  19. My dumbass accidentally deleted this post, so here's the basic idea of what happened:

  20. I really hope they send you the proper box, or at the very least, your choice items. But honestly, I think you are probably going to have to fight for a refund. I know last month (or the month before)a bunch of people signed up and were promised the featured ND palette and didn't get it. They got old boxes. A lot of people were really pissed off at BC response, offering a $6 dollar coupon.

  21. The Sutra SB2 hair serum, for me, is the bomb though. I like it better than ghost oil.

  22. I’m not usually this anxious to get it, but I’m beyond excited for the Lunar Beauty palette so that’s probably why it’s taking (what seems like) forever

  23. The Lunar Beauty palette is even more gorgeous than it looks. I'm excited for you now, too!

  24. Ah, I want to shop so badly but don't actually want to subscribe!

  25. Now that they have physically combined with Ipsy, they may have way faster shipping comparable to ipsys. That’s my guess anyway. The last few months they were working on consolidating warehouses so that was a big part of the problem but they’ve always had the “through the next month” rule. That will likely change. My order shipped in like 4 days and is already halfway here. That’s VERY unusual for Boxycharm. Lol

  26. I really hope so. The past few months have so chaotic. I must have had like 4 different orders where something was refunded because of inventory or stuff arrived months later. Or it arrived broken. I'm optimistic with how quickly my first drop shop order arrived 🤞🏻

  27. It seems those things don't really work for anyone. It's ridiculous.

  28. Have you received the $21 Kate Somerville? If so, was it expired? Isn't it so sad we have to even ask that question?

  29. I haven't received it yet but I will definitely update when I do. It is sad that we have to ask. Sucks how far down hill they have gone

  30. I bought the Kate Somerville kx active concentrates bio-mimicking peptides serum for $21 when the sale started because I've heard really good things about it. I was looking at the sales a few days later and it was $17 dollars. Maybe they aren't moving as much product as they had hoped because so many people wrote boxy off after the absolute shit-show the past few months have been?

  31. I just wanna say I'm tired of the random ass brands of "luxury" skincare, that I've never heard of, with a price tag of almost $200 for a product that feels like it came from aliexpress. The packaging is extremely cheap plastic and I'm tired of these random brands showing up in boxy. I don't know if this is even worth trying. It has only 3 ingredients in it which include cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, and dimethiconol. So 3 types of silicones? And that's supposed to provide my skin with anti aging properties?

  32. I should have read this before I posted. I mentioned the ingredients but couldn't remember exactly what they were. Thank you for the info!

  33. I didn't use that when I got it because I read that some of the main ingredients were some type of silicone. I can't remember exactly because it was a few months ago but the ingredients were a red flag for me.

  34. Damn, a $12 dollar credit? For THREE out-of-stock items? That's barely acceptable for one item. What items were you supposed to get?

  35. I mean if he did, that's a lot of work. I've had the same number for YEARS and I don't give my number out to random folks! why didn't he just block her number?!

  36. Right? Literally all he had to do was block her to see how little she actually cares about him. She's not going to put any effort into chasing him down. She already moved on to that catfish invite to the USMC ball. Lol. So to be serious enough to change his phone number to get rid of her... just to come crawling back is fucking wild.

  37. Dominique Cosmetics "The Moment" palette. Complex Culture Executive Level Mascara. Lawless Forget The Filler in shade Rosy Outlook. Saint Luxe lip liners in shades Marganite & Carnelian. Perricone MD Micellar Cleansing Treatment. Skin Inc Sculpt Lift Bar.

  38. Thanks for sharing! I don't even know why they bother to include these "gadgets". Most of them are useless and break so easily.

  39. And they have such a high dollar value. There's no way the average person pays $125 dollars for this. I think they probably just include these to drive up the overall value of the box.

  40. I’m also going out on a limb and saying he did not change his number. 🤣🤣

  41. I was just going to say that! I highly doubt he did that on a whim because he didn't want any part of her

  42. Paul Blart Mall Cop has entered chat There isn’t really any much of a story or Tea. I was curious about this Reddit and while I was at work at around 1 or 2 am I was looking through it and saw the stuff posted about me and just read through it all and got a little sad at what was said then got angry at Brianna so I just woke up and blocked her on everything and changed my number and yes I am native my grandma on my dad’s side was 100% Native American I’m 25% Shawnee and 25% Cherokee with some Philippine and Irish mixed in from my other grandparents. Also hi I’m Lucas lol

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