1. As others have said - home-brew, iterm2 (has great tmux support), the stock Mac terminal isn't too bad either.

  2. Let macOS be macOS definitely use brew (package-manager), and customize the zshell.

  3. My last thread someone said I could complete webinars + my on-job training to get a total of 20CEUs, is that not correct then? (9+4 is not 20)

  4. You ever find the webinars? Currently going to expire in 12 days completely forgot and job requires I have it. Need to find webinars

  5. I have one that is install.sh and a folder for env... I think I'll delete it the env since I think I know when that got created.

  6. They had some Twice Baked zips at Gatsby for 59$ they sold out by the time I got there grabbed some peach one for 99$ as well

  7. I’m flying from Michigan to Orlando Florida. I’m kind of nervous to try and sneak a cart to Florida. I was going to put the cartridge with my girlfriends makeup and keep the battery in carry on. Any tips or suggestions? Idk just waiting for someone to tell me it’ll be okay😂😂

  8. How do you like that top it’s been in my Amazon cart for over a month

  9. Same and I need a replacement asap trying to decide between this and the telescope style

  10. I mean I might need to do this lol my top just busted and I won't be getting a new too for a bit

  11. The glass is called a Recycler and the thermometer is a Dab Rite.

  12. I use a VPN and MS Remote Desktop to connect to my work computer and I can do everything I need without architecture limitations from using Parallels or other VMs.

  13. Sounds good 👍 I think I'm good for internet no fiber but 300 down. Not sure the upload atm

  14. I’ve been in a similar position but 3 years younger and with a young family. I was a non trad student and literally failed out of grad school at 28. I stumbled my way into sales and is the biggest blessing of my life. Went from 45k, 65k, 100k, 150k over 4 years in Saas. Your life can turn around extremely quickly. You need to keep putting yourself out there and trying things. I know what your feeling it’s like a crushing failure and imagining judgement from your friends and family. If you keep pushing your self to simply just do the next right thing given yourself position you will succeed. Never settle for being stagnant again. Feel free to dm me cause I understand what your feeling.

  15. This is where I think I want to go. I manage and maintain out LMS which requires working with a lot of vendors and some get paid a good dollar and I feel I could do just as good of a job if not better.

  16. Damn, impatient ass can’t wait longer than 6 minutes? 😅

  17. Jaja not impatient just wanted to reach out and see if there were suggestions in the meantime. I don't have an order number because I purchased it from Rise dispensary in Illinois. Does the box have the serial number I can share via the ticket?

  18. My bad, I misread and thought you got it from our 4/20 sale, a receipt would be best, but they may be able to work with a bank statement

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