1. I wish there was a conspiracy stock subreddit. In theory, you could prove/disprove a lot of conspiracy credibility. My belief in that they have to tell us everything they are going to do in advance should tell us everything and make people rich. Thought process would be “hey they just did a simulation of a virus. Let’s invest in vaccine companies to see if this was planned.” The quote in the image even says “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits…” They are literally telling us we can make unlimited profits on everything if we pay attention.

  2. I’m so sad by this thread imma go drive my ND2 and hug it

  3. arent you the guy whi almost totaled it? that kachow tho.

  4. Friendly PSA guys- stay away from trucks. My wife and I were returning from the San Juan's this last summer on I5 Southbound, when an 18 wheeler decided to merge into our lane while we were still in it. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the 2016 ND1 was totaled. I still miss her. :-/ Thankfully I found a 21 GT RF this last fall. I miss the soft top at times, but the RF is wonderful in so many ways!

  5. Same thing happened to me last year with my ND. Truck flicked me off the highway. He didn’t see me while he was merging. A month later, got another ND.. lmao. I’m glad you’re okay though!

  6. Got the same car! Happy you posted this. Been wondering how the RPF1s would look. Been debating on which color to go with myself. What size did you get?

  7. I got 15’s. You should go with Bronze to match the interior! I’m thinking of changing the rim color to bronze.

  8. That's a nice M Edition, Montego, it's almost as nice as my 95' M Merlot, maybe you've heard of it. It's the classiest and most ballerest of all the M EDITIONS ever made. PURPLE GANG IS HERE! <3

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