1. Passing objects by value hmmmmm

  2. CHARM BUILD: Wayward Compass, Glowing Womb, Grimmchild, Weaversong, Heavy Blow, Defender's Crest, and Dreamshield. Undoubtedly Hollow Knight's most optimal charm build, especially against the Radiance. I'd really appreciate if you'd

  3. By console you mean like xbox or actual cmd?

  4. There is nothing "normal"about that kind of graphics in a console application. Explain yourself!

  5. have you done this with sisters of battle, and if you did was it harder or easier?

  6. Oh it's very uneccesary, that's what makes it fun! Doing the rest of the pantheons actually sounds pretty fun in a weird, twisted kind of way, thank you for the suggestion! Though perhaps not Pantheon of Hallownest, I'm not THAT much of a masochist ;D

  7. Neither was I lol. I only knew it from SSBU, I wasn't aware of its title nor its game of origin

  8. Yes, it only works on PC in fact. You can't mod HK on console afaik. Fireb0rn has a great modding guide if you're interested. I also recommend the HK discord if you need help with anything

  9. this is one of the most impressive things i've seen in this game, i'd get so impatient and die almost immediately going for greedy hits

  10. Thank you! Patience is indeed key in a challenge such as this. The fight itself isn't actually that insanely difficult, you "just" have to keep calm and play safely

  11. It's the Custom Knight mod, and the skin is "Grimm Knight" by 复印纸. Fireb0rn has a great guide on modding Hollow Knight including custom skins, if you're interested

  12. I used DebugMod to edit the save file's number of masks (and then played on that save file on an unmodded installation of HK since modding your game is against speedrunning rules)

  13. This is what a top 10 P2 speedrun looks like! I'm back with another IL speedrun, this time Paintmaster Sheo's domain: Pantheon of the Artist.

  14. I've never looked into stuff like this before, surprised a raytracer takes so little code! Had to try get it to run myself and take a closer look.

  15. I have no prior experience with GitHub (save for downloading stuff like mods) so I didn't really know what I was doing. I do really need to learn to use GutHub. There's also like a bunch of comments and such that I intended to remove, I just haven't yet.

  16. When you create a repo, there are .gitignore presets which define the contents of the .gitignore file. The .gitignore file determines what files git will ignore in your filesystem when you make commits. You can select Visual Studio as a preset on github. That will fill the .gitignore file with all the entries needed to only include the files needed for your visual studio project - so it will include the solution file for example, but it won't include the built exe file.

  17. Thank you! I've seen such files before but I never knew what they were for. I'll have to read up on it I guess, but at least I have the beginnings of an understanding now, thanks to you :D

  18. I would be pleased to acquire one such "user flair." My thanks, and I shall bid you all adieu

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