Maybe a mediocre meal to most, but after 2yr of depression I started grocery shopping and now cooking… it was delicious! (OC)

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That looks so good

  1. Dunno what you're talking about mate, that looks a pretty decent meal to me. I'd happily eat that.

  2. This is the sort of pointless dumb shit I aspire to.

  3. This is a great idea, make it happen!!

  4. So what's up with CNN? Going broke and getting rid of the expensive hosts or an actual attempt to shift back to the center?

  5. What an absolute nightmare. That poor woman.

  6. This is great, thanks very much.

  7. No, I don't think so. I'm not dying for a plastic and metal robot, nor one made of meat.

  8. What a mob of useless cunts those Nexus Mods fuckwits are.

  9. Back in Vanilla, I joined the horde precisely for this reason. You think killing a dog is the worst they've done?

  10. The “Assault Rifle” design in Fallout 4. That rifle design really bugs me.

  11. I think dislike of the design of that assault rifle is one of the few things nearly every FO4 player can agree on.

  12. This may just be the cutest video ever made.

  13. This is why woodchippers were invented.

  14. We all start off that way but the next thing you know you're a regularly on your knees behind Wendys with Gweedo offering to keep away the troublemakers for 30% a week.

  15. I wonder what he's going to do with the 40 billion USD he raised.

  16. My one hope of not being forced to blow drunks behind Wendys is AVZ staying on suspension for the next couple of years. A decent plan I think.

  17. Damn it, Twiggy. Why have you forsaken me??

  18. Probably a mix of Minuteman and BoS ending, with the BoS doing the heavy fighting but MM forming an active government of sorts. I would find it hard to imagine the BoS winning the Hearts and Minds battle in the Commonwealth.

  19. Yellow is funny when the guards start talking about it.

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