1. Much like most popular products. Those that sell the most are rarely the best examples of the specific medium

  2. If it was Evri, it would have ended up in a field 200 miles away

  3. Zero excitement. I'm English and this WC can go fuck itself

  4. photos is plural, so you are asking for more than one image per "image".

  5. You scumming DJs entire sets and posting this shit or are you an official channel for the artists?

  6. Great shot that. Crop in more and get rid of the bit of building in the corners! :)

  7. Amazing! I just started playing this on my PS2. Soft modded with a 1tb HDD and noctua fan so runs silent. Highly recommended

  8. Paint it black and give it some gamer decor like purple led strip lights, speakers, desk, gamer chair etc

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