1. How about this, penises do not belong in the women's locker room. If my 11 year old saw a dick in the female locker room while changing I would be furious and at least call the cops too because frankly I don't trust people.

  2. I just don't understand why people are getting their genitals out in front of strangers to begin with?

  3. I would do medium floors with medium/colorful furniture and dark wood accents. Probably replace the hearth and fireplace tile with a Saltillo tile. Strip the paint off the stair railing. Are your current floors real wood? Can they be stained and refinished? Consider a wax finish that isn’t shiny as opposed to polyurethane.

  4. I hate my surfaces being covered in purely aesthetic things. I just don't have the patience for it and it actively makes it less functional.

  5. Not just at the school, it was IN FRONT OF THE KID AND THE MOM!

  6. Something about it isn't appealing to me. It's tough for me to put my finger on it, though.

  7. I remember my mom had this big bowl of ceramic fake fruit. We ended up writing inappropriate things all over them as kids xD

  8. Probably to discuss compensation and other administrative topics like work location and schedule.

  9. Can you show us the tiles that you cleaned? It's tough to tell what the actual color of them is.

  10. Personally, not exactly what you’re asking, but it paint the cord cover to your alarm to blend in with the wall… the curtains will make it much more cozy

  11. The only people who hang their credentials in their offices are doctors, lawyers, or other regulated professions where specific credentials are required.

  12. Lone Fox on Youtube, had some fixtures that looked similar, appraised (he posted a video about this) some of them were ridiculously expensive. Better check first.

  13. I'd paint over the furniture, wall stuff (the stuff you painted the same color as the walls), and the top of your window trim that is strangely partially painted grey.

  14. Wood is very often gray. That is the color of untreated weathered wood. I'm not advocating for gray wood floors, I'm just saying they clearly are a color wood is naturally.

  15. I don't mind grey lvp or even prefer as long as they are good quality. Everyone knows it's not wood so I don't want it to try too hard to look like real wood

  16. I've seen lvp that look amazing. My in-laws got some installed in their home and it's beautiful, but it's a much more natural wood color.

  17. You need to keep a walk way clear. If you think it's too empty, maybe you could scoot the rug closer to the bookcase and replace the two chairs with a small sectional.

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