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  1. Iki Island story says that he broke a leg due to massive rebuke from the Pirates. He was alone with Jin, so no one could help him

  2. Dam i feel you I accidentally overwritten my save which had 95% hat John and I got all the legendary fish and animals and the rarest mission in the game

  3. Whatever school had Letho. I just wanna be a fly on the wall and see the other witchers reactions when Baby Hulk shows up.

  4. I would play it on Easy mode because the story is the best part. I really seriously hated the combat, unfortunate to say.

  5. Just played 1 hour into it combat not bad but will ruin some muscle memory for some games

  6. Don't expect a game as good as Witcher 3. Witcher 2 is pretty good, but it's honestly nowhere near as good as Witcher 3.

  7. Heard it was for chapter 2 and not chapter 3, they might just give the styles eventually

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