1. I work in education. Y’all dont know how much this probably means to her. The schools dont give us SHIT. Nothing. Not pencils, paper, nothing. MAYBE some paper clips and one pack of expo markers??? Most schools have a cap on copies allowed per month. Even aides have to spend the little money we make. Art teachers get even less because it is not a core subject like math, English, or science.

  2. The government doesn’t want most people educated and they don’t even try to hide it. How can you not give teachers supplies to teach?

  3. In the tale of two tities cities, she chose the one where the streets are paved with gold. She’s the capitalist barbie.

  4. She’ll have a lovely ‘I’ve gained some more confidence out of drag’ all stars arc.

  5. This video starting mid-air makes it look like that’s how she appeared on stage.

  6. You forgot the guy on Belgium this week that didn’t want to shave his 3 days old beard because it’s « part of him » 🙄🙄🙄

  7. Loosey’s ego fighting her conscience when talking about how unfair her placements were after her 74 challenge wins

  8. The editors absolutely hated Robin a lot more than they hate Loosey

  9. If you can’t love and hate your contestants inconsistently, how are you gonna love and hate everyone else?

  10. ‘Fuck you writers making a throwaway comment decades ago that became firm canon’

  11. I still occasionally think of her excitedly talking about Jackie Cox’s snatch game performance as Lisa Rinna, and mistakingly calling Harry Hamlin with Harry Hamilton. It’s one of my fave moments for some reason LOL

  12. Sometimes it feels like crystal was on a different show. She stands alone in her uniqueness.

  13. My favorite is still when she came for Sweden. I haven’t been the same since #swedophobic

  14. She’s come for every single marginalised community, celebrity, nation, planet, and your dog, so at this point she can call me a 🚬 because I know it’s not personal.

  15. Loosey saying ALL that while writing on the mirror "Let Loose" was so funny to me

  16. ‘Being the Nancy Drew of drag I knew this no-glamour hoe would choose me, halleloo’

  17. Shakira. There could be 100 pop stars in a room and only 1 is catching her husband cheating with the jam.

  18. Naomi’s paint looks so correct finally. We’ve come full circle. She’s wearing makeup again 🙏🏻

  19. She was on this podcast recently and she was so fucking stunning, I was mesmerized.

  20. Loosey is now doing drag as Loosey Laduca. This feels meta. I don’t mean this as an insult but she is such a bar queen. You’d gag seeing her perform at the local gay bar. Mother made tips.

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