1. What are you looking to hire for? A graphic novel, an illustrated novel, a game like Fallen London, or something else?

  2. I am looking for someone who can write wiki articles about my world races, factions, magic, etc. And maybe even short stories. I want to make a comic one day but i want to expand the worldbuilding more.

  3. Haha I'm with you especially since the regular fantasy subreddit is full of YA haters!

  4. I would love to recommend The Perfect Assassin by KA Doore, which features an ace protagonist. It's a fun desert fantasy adventure featuring necromancy and plenty of LGBTQ+ characters. What more could you want?

  5. Find yourself a cheerleader who will only show enthusiasm about your work. Even if you know they won't be representative of everyone who reads it, it's so meaningful to have someone in your corner. My cheerleader is my sister. She's brilliant and her support makes me brave.

  6. This may be an incredibly stupid question, but do most writers not follow when a publication asks for no simultaneous submissions?

  7. Depending on the publication, if your dreams come true and more than one place wants to publish it, when your reveal it's being published elsewhere the jilted editor might get pissed. An angry editor means little to no chance of working with that publication in the future.

  8. If you're only taking four and not closing submissions when you get orders of magnitude about that, it's your own fucking fault when people go elsewhere. If you blacklist authors for that, it's not their fault.

  9. You're not wrong; my editor had his reasons but it was years ago and they're not mine so I'm not gonna get excited about defending them. My practical advice stays the same. It may be unfair to get the blacklist but it's what's going to happen.

  10. The Chronicles of Ghadid by KA Doore: a trilogy that can be read out of order but starts with The Perfect Assassin, and each book has a separate queer romance.

  11. Someone recommended The Unspoken Name, and it sounds a bit too emotionally heavy for my taste,

  12. Yes! Maybe they the second one first, as I think it fits your rules best. The series can be read out of order.

  13. Hooray for you! I honestly didn't start making long term Danish friends until I spoke Danish. It's so vital to being here.

  14. OP, I was you. I wrote three novels between the ages of 15 and 17: one Gaiman rip off, one Nanowrimo novel with all the classic Nanowrimo problems, and one plotless wonder. I wanted an agent by the time I was eighteen. I wanted to be published at twenty.

  15. "we are all the same, we all contact the same publishers, it doesn't really matter".

  16. Thanks for the advice, I have decided to look around and research a few other agents to submit to.

  17. Have you declined her offer? Again, not sure how it works in Australia, but in the US querying other agents when you have an offer on the table is a big no no. But declining and continuing to search is ok.

  18. I like reading both. My problem with epic, hugely long series is that many authors run out of plot before they run out of words. But if you have a strong plot and strong characters that need to go through this epic, several-book journey, then curtailing it to go on side quests will be unsatisfying.

  19. I'm a traditionally published author venturing into indie at the moment. A little about my experience:

  20. As someone who loves GGK...I really did not like Tigana. Maybe this has something to do with it?

  21. You talk about writing parts that are needed but not exciting. Rule one of writing is: never be boring.

  22. Hello, Hi, can I interest you in the excellent works of Kate Heartfield? She wrote Armed in Her Fashion, a medieval fantasy about two women and a man in middle ages Bruges when the Lady of Hell comes to wage war. It's amazing, though hard to find these days.

  23. He could choose to stay there as he finishes formulating his evil plan. He could spend time taking control of that world somehow, or mastering a new power to unleash.

  24. Thoughts: 1) maybe you're starting in the wrong place. If you want him to be imprisoned so he can be stronger, why not start when he's been imprisoned for many years and is where you want him character wise?

  25. This was originally posted in a low content sub, but is more widely relevant I think. Interested to hear views.

  26. I've seen a couple of covers that use Midjourney so far. One of them looked very uncanny valley, but I think if the author can be specific enough with the AI about what they want, the potential is pretty great.

  27. I like the concept of a thief who turns to crime because he can't see well enough to join the army. That was fun.

  28. Objectively Hafsa writes exceptionally. I didn't always mesh with her style but I was always confident that she had selected her words with care. I found WE HUNT THE FLAME to be slow paced, not a bad thing but good to know. I think if you like her style you'll love the book so it's worth checking out.

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