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[OC] Cost of a 4h surgery and a 1 week hospital stay. I have no insurance. Thanks Italy!🇮🇹

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Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting

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  1. LL is definitely increasing the standby wait time, just like FastPass did. In either case, those guests are jumping the standby line.

  2. I actually thought that pistol was for Puerto Rico

  3. I know that but his entire map isn’t geographically correct, so I figured he attempted

  4. Fair point. Maine is way too west. Louisiana is gone. The more I look at it, the worse it gets

  5. So i have a question. I can understand you forcing yourself to face flight but i would think most people with the phobia of flying wouldn’t be able to deal with turbulence. Not that you really have a choice in the moment but was that phobia just lessened when you realized that turbulence goes away? Or did you actually have to read about why it happens.

  6. Wow good for you. Awesome that you had the chance to fly the sim. I’m on the flip side of the coin so its eye opening to hear how those with fear of flying cope with the unexpected. Do you think your need for knowledge would ever turn into a want for more? Like a license? Or is that just too far out to think about?

  7. I wanted a pilots license since I was 12. My life insurance doesn’t pay out for noncommercial flights. And its really expensive to get one.

  8. The Swan and Dolphin is not owned by Disney btw. It is a Westin property that is located on Disney World grounds. So I don’t believe this is a Disney World hotel.

  9. Somehow I've gone my entire life living in Florida and never heard that hotel called the Swan and Dolphin. I've only heard people call it "The Swan" or "The one with the monorail through it with a fish".

  10. So many memories from early days at the parks, but two that stand out...

  11. The world of motion ramp was amazing. I always felt the urge that I should be walking on it.

  12. Prosecuting cops for crimes is like telling off fish for swimming.

  13. GTX 1080 is the minimum recommended for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 VR. With older video cards still being sky high in price you're likely better off getting something new. Personally I'd recommend Nvidia RTX 3060ti or higher; or Radeon RX 6650 XT or higher.

  14. Maybe. Really depends on the resolution of your headset or monitor that you're going to play on. At 1080p you might not notice a difference, but at 1440p you will.

  15. That is to describe the directional planes of the body when in anatomical positioning. When you're looking to the left part the body in the image, it's actually the person's right side :) it's just to help remember that the image is flipped like a mirror.

  16. Superior (towards the top) and inferior (towards the bottom) :D

  17. Cars are the only thing I buy extended warranties for. It's more for the piece of mind that I won't have an unexpected 3k repair. Worked out on my last 2 cars really well, went a couple grand over what I paid for the extended warranty.

  18. I did this for my Chrysler. Paid for a 7 year warranty and holy hell did that pay off

  19. If this happened to me, I would genuinely think it was some kind of prank. I don't know if that's more about my view on people in general or my own insecurities

  20. They've been putting in acres and acres of solar panels west of the park. They're fine.

  21. IIRC, the Universe of Energy building had solar panels on its roof to power the entire attraction.

  22. I always see these insane maedical prices americans have but never get how the fuck you can pay those? Are you in debt for your whole life just because of 1 hospital stay?

  23. Wow. They're really throwing their hat in for most hated police department in the US aren't they?

  24. They know another police department will fuck up or another mass shooting will happen soon enough. Just need to deflect for a few days

  25. I’ll never understand the “gamer” deflection. I’ve been gaming since the 80’s and I’ve never wanted to shoot anybody.

  26. I doubt Disney's recent run of live-action remakes is being done for copyright reasons (or at least it's not the main factor). A lot of them are for relatively recent movies (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan) that aren't going to enter the public domain anytime soon. And while there's apparently a Snow White remake in the works, you think that would be the very first one they did if it was about copyright.

  27. We don’t celebrate veterans (living veterans) on Memorial Day.

  28. You can slightly see the numbers because 6 is illuminating the other numbers. It's completely blank when nothing is pressed. Hence sharpie to the rescue

  29. Maybe its the photo but it looks like a very faint blue light is there for the numbers. I can only tell where to look because of the sharpie

  30. Ahh the joy of scraping drunk women off the floor of the kitchen and trying to find someone who knows where they live.

  31. I'm pretty sure the actual SWAT team wasn't even the one to take them down. It was ICE.

  32. Dude was at a diner when he heard about the active shooter. He was 40 minutes away, and a bullet grazed his trucker hat.

  33. That's not the point. For the population of the US, a sample of 400 gives 95% confidence that your measured sample value is within 5% of the actual population value. Specifically, you need an n of 385 for that.

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