1. Wow lol I really hope you're not trolling with this post-But are you in shape? Your race or not being white is irrelevant- if you look good, men will approach.

  2. If you are white, you have no business telling someone else that not meeting Eurocentric beauty standards doesn’t affect them. Whole dissertations could be written on how Eurocentric beauty standards affect non white people…

  3. I''m not white, lol that's the point. And it definitely hasn't impacted me in the way the original poster claims- men like attractive women. I have never wanted to look like a caucasian woman lol no offense. So no, it has not impacted me

  4. You really think your experience is representative of every non white person lmao? Even outside of America in many Asian countries, skin bleaching is running rampant, why?

  5. Yes, because that’s how I was treated growing up.

  6. I agree. Before you do CBT, you have to feel validated and willing to get rid of your symptoms. David Burns Feeling Great covers this as a prerequisite for trauma. If CBT is done properly, in will not decrease the serious of your trauama--it only allow you to carry forward with it with less of the troubling side effects.

  7. I'm not making a generalized statement on whether reality is negative or positive. I mean that certain events in life are:

  8. I guess that comes with you sorting things out. We are always going to have negative thoughts, but when does dwelling on that thought become maladaptive? It about what you do with the thought. And just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s helpful. That’s where you shift your focus to something more productive. That’s part of emotional regulation, knowing how to comfort yourself and avoid/resolve triggers.

  9. Yup my ex wife definitely like u and she's already with another man but she was probably with him or another during our marriage. Shes the type that needs attention and can not be alone too long so yeah.

  10. How was this comment helpful? Why are you in the sub, you clearly don’t understand the complexity of the situation.

  11. Does that make us narcs? I’m addicted to it. Lately I’ve been filling the void with sex

  12. No, you just want validation. Sex=worthiness and attachment. That’s not a bad thing. You have to turn your attention inward and learn that you are worthy even without make validation. Then hopefully you can make decisions because you want to, not out of desperation.

  13. I get the same effect when I don’t wear my actual glasses. It’s like a filter not being being able to see/experience things so clearly.

  14. I had a very bad version of this. I didn't exactly know my triggers, and because of it, next thing I knew, I had been in the middle of a downward spiral for hours with no end in sight.

  15. I don’t really expect a lot from people who aren’t trauma-informed. They chose to either give people a halo or a pitchfork, no in between.

  16. Not so much journaling as staying aware of trends. The most remarkable one for me was frequent nightmare of drowning. The went away when my sleep apnea was diagnosed, as long as I stay on my CPAP at night. Came back when I had to sleep a night without power. There are others that helped bring closure to a sad experience in my life. Yet another set with a common theme helped me spot what was going on in my life that was making me anxious. It has been as been about 15 years since my last memorable nightmare.

  17. I start my day off with journaling. This helps me clear my mind of all the clutter. It helps me figure out what I’m feeling and where it came from. I answer questions like “what am I feeling”, “how motivated am I got the day”, etc.

  18. I’m sorry for saying “creeped out”. What I mean by that is when you are unsure of yourself, other people are also unsure of you, and I don’t want to be the cause of that for myself anymore. My social anxiety is abnormal because it’s a result of trauma. Nothing normal or acceptable about what I went through, and I’m ready to move on.

  19. No, it’s okay. I totally understand where you are coming from. People absolutely do discriminate against people with mental health issues and it makes you feel alone and misunderstand and like an outcast. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had the people close to me call me crazy or not even try to understand how I feel.

  20. When you find yourself getting worked up, you have to analyze what you’re feeling, thinking, and doing in order to connect the dots to the trigger. It can be hard in the beginning, even after practicing since January, sometimes it takes me a while to identify the trigger.

  21. My brother's wife was lefthanded. He came to visit me once and I took him to a store that sold items made specifically for lefties. I wanted to get her a pair of scissors as a gift he could carry back to her.

  22. I wish there was an experience like this for every marginalized person. So people can at least get a glimpse of what it’s like.

  23. People of any race can join black dating apps, they're just marketed to black people. I have friends who are an interacial couple and met on black cupid. Just like non Jewish people can use jdate. Also, there are several conservative and right wing dating apps which are essentially the same thing as dating site specifically marketed to white people, just with less controversial branding.

  24. Lol a non black person went onto a black dating app specifically to find a black partner? That is wild to me.

  25. Because the world is your oyster 😂. Over 60% of the US is white, so what would be the point? It’s not that hard to meet other white people.

  26. Jesus christ that sounds like fucking hell lmao, Going through SA all only to try to get some rest and it keeps chasing ylu in your dreams? oof

  27. Lol well I’ve lived this my entire life so it’s just another bad interaction. But I’m going to dust using it to practice

  28. It's obviously still in your subconscious, but that doesn't mean you're not getting better.

  29. That’s true. It usually takes a while before real life starts being reflected in my dreams. Maybe it just hasn’t caught up yet.

  30. No that’s the perfect age! I’m 26 and wish I had had the realizations I’m having now at 21. Would have saved myself so much heartache and trauma.

  31. What do you mean by moment of intimacy? Sex? If he knows your feelings toward him and continues to have sex with you, he’s leading you on. You don’t have to explain anything, just start decreasing your contact with him.

  32. Not sex. I’m not sure quite how to explain it but it just feels… weirdly more intimate than the rest of my friendships? Things like sexual discussions, physical touch, hanging out alone late at night, sharing deeply personal stuff, he buys me random gifts, etc.

  33. I don’t want to read to much into this, but sometimes people keep people around to feel better about themselves and feel wanted. This is not a knock at you, it’s really a knock at him because that is so selfish.

  34. So she doesn’t actually watch the whole time. She just props her self up into her little cat loaf, facing the action, but her eyes are usually closed lol.

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