Vinicius Jr. dive vs Atletico Madrid

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  1. Didn't the European Court already rule that they can be punished and excluded from UEFA/FIFA competitions?

  2. Misschien toch maar eens naar onze Franse vrienden kijken om wat inspiratie op te doen voor het actie voeren tegen werkgevers/overheid..

  3. I work at a supermarket but I couldn’t do my job if I was stirring so it’s not always necessary to have a chair. At a place like Aldi it works but not at other places where you pack the customers bags

  4. Why cant people just pack their own bag so the people working dont have to stand all day?

  5. Pathetic. Diving should be a one game suspension.. get this shit out of football..

  6. Jup. Fantastic super-sub. Contemplating starting him but he will be on 0 chem..

  7. Just got TOTY Icon Van der Sar. That was nice. Couple of days ago I also got prime Pirlo tradeable. Got quite lucky with my saved packs..

  8. Did it twice because I'm a gambling addict. Prime Van Basten and WC Drogba (division 4)

  9. Saved a lot of packs, got some high rated fodder and Prime Pirlo but obviously no TOTY, decided "fuck it" and just threw all my fodder in Icon SBC and build a team of (childhood) favorites. In the end, saving the packs was worth it (suspense was fun and now I have a team I really like) but thank god no money spend

  10. Just came here to say I love your team

  11. Maldini is best played at CB. That card as a LB can be quite annoying. It’s not as stiff as the stats say but I wouldn’t trust it too much. Been playing it CB since I got it

  12. Thanks! Just got him and was building my new team and contemplating where to put him.

  13. Prime Van Basten (meh) and WC Drogba (yeah)

  14. I got Van Dijk and Courtois yesterday and prime Pirlo today. Obviously cannot complain but still the timing could have been better for me..

  15. I threw my dupes in the Maldini and Kaka SBC and went on to open all my packs and just build a legends team (packed Prime Pirlo from my saved packs for TOTY and already has Garrincha, Drogba and Stoichkov in my club, bought some other Icons).

  16. Your neighbor is right, he is in his right (but I understand that it is annoying) A complaint wont do anything. Concerning work calls, while that also sucks, and I love working from home, it remains a residential place, not an office, so that's no reason to not allow noise..

  17. Got prime Van Basten who will fit perfectly in another SBC..

  18. Ik vind de mentaliteit van de Ajax-spelers ook niet heel geweldig. Snap best dat spelers ontevreden zijn over de coach, maar met 11 bovengemiddelde spelers op het veld mag je samen best wel wat meer laten zien. Het is je werk waar je uitermate goed voor wordt betaald, en uiteindelijk doe je het voor de mensen op de tribune, niet voor de coach.

  19. De mentaliteit was zondag pijnlijk duidelijk. Groot deel van Ajax liep er zeer gefrustreerd bij op het veld.

  20. I buy players for my team all the time and sell them after a week or so. I'm addicted to changing my team..

  21. That sounds fun. Was there a player you kept on your team longer than usual?

  22. Not really. My tradeable players all last about a week and then they are gone. I build around some untradeable players I like, but even those get tossed in an SBC once I'm bored. I really like to use a lot of different players and formations.

  23. Same here. Threw everything I had in a lot of random SBC and saved all kind of packs. I'm left with 68 players in my club, mostly silver and bronze, but also two Icons and a number of SBC cards, and I have 150 packs saved and 250k coins.

  24. Last year TOTYHM Haaland was my goat. That's the promo I'm more looking forward to

  25. TOTYHM David was an absolute monster for me. I'll take something like that from one of my 150 saved packs

  26. Only started playing FUT last year, played solely career mode before that (starting with FIFA 09).

  27. I want this card but I wont get this card. Applies to all TOTY probably

  28. Only started playing FUT in 2022 and got tradeable IF Messi last year (900k at that time) as well as untradeable Mbappe.

  29. Got 108 right now, but most of them are 80+ player packs. First time I'm saving anything, didn't do it last year and didn't play FUT before that.

  30. Yeah just faced two of those teams in Champs. Definitely a hack

  31. Put stoichkov in ST. In rb go clauss, CDM hamari traore (out of position, ligue 1), cb koulibaly and LM Nicolas Pepe, winter wildcard.

  32. Clauss is insane as a midfielder, highly recommend

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