1. There’s this Spanish noir on Netflix called Your Son, it’s about this man whose son was left half dead in a coma because of a brutal assault he received outside of a club. The movie is mostly set at night with this man roaming around the city of Sevilla trying figure out who did that to his son and avenge him. It gaves me a bit those vibes a la Taxi Driver with this man driving around this big, “dark” city, with all these neons and bright lights striking your eyes. It’s a great movie, really brutal and tense and it got a twist at the end that left me genuinely shocked.

  2. Decisions aren't automatically boring but they are if a finish is never close

  3. Hold on this is unironically an interesting mental game, anyone can think of genuine bangers when the fighters weren't close to a finish? I got maybe Volk vs Holloway 2 but as much at it was a great fight idk if I'd call it "a banger".

  4. It's a show but I recently watched Gangs of London and maybe you'll enjoy that one.

  5. Any mentor character born after 1903 can't develop. All they know is either:

  6. 3. Have white hair and be hot (pls don't spoil things if they die)

  7. "Why do I have to kill Mitsuya's beloved sisters" 💀💀💀

  8. Looking back at it, we had a lot of crazy moments but Taiju crying and asking to God why he has to murder his own fucking family gotta be the craziest lmao Sometimes I forget how deranged this dude is 😭

  9. No one knows what that means but-oh, you know how that goes

  10. I mean, I'd probably agree but 5-10 euros per volume, I'd ended up broke if I buy everything I wanna read- emh, I mean, the boy is mad, make him walk the plank 🏴‍☠️

  11. Try The Tale of The Princess Kaguya by the same director of Grave of The Fireflies

  12. Seems like they posted on politicalcompassmemes so probably just a fascist lol

  13. Bro kazutora? 😭 we haven’t seen him anything other than a bomber and a juvi suit which are both vastly diffferent than this coat

  14. In the future dude got some style, he rocks open collar shirts and turtlenecks too, which, now that I think about it it's weird, like either you wanna show off the neck tattoo or hide it, which is it?

  15. It's canon he likes to wear open collar shirts to show his tattoo, he wears the turtleneck while working only because he has to cover it.

  16. Ohh, I haven't thought it that he wears them when he has to work to hide it, that's perfect

  17. If he wins and actually get the strap, that would be some movie shit man

  18. Definitely Lady Macbeth with Florence Pugh, beautiful movie

  19. If you can find them, Toxic Love and Don't Be Bad by Claudio Caligari. Beautiful but at the same time, tough to watch, especially the first one.

  20. Know this feeling too well, few movies that I can reccomend

  21. My wife hated that movie. We left the theater and the first thing she said was "worst road trip movie ever!" Needless to say I liked it.

  22. If you're seriously comparing 300 to Spiderman's style and what that movie brought to the table I don't know what to tell you. Be honest, have you watched Into the Multiverse? How long ago? Because I'm baffled of how confidently ignorant you sound of things you simply have no clue about. And, again, why are you even bringing up live action movies? I'm talking about animation, about technique, I'm talking about the enormous amount of work behind the movie to give it that unique look, which makes it pointless and dumb to say "ok but what if live action". I'd suggest you reading more about this (I can link you

  23. I'm not flaunting anything, at this point I'm just completely at loss from words because I literally have no idea what you're talking about and what your points even are anymore. I'm just lost mate.

  24. I love the character arc the Perry had. Dude was hated for looking like a douche, then was loved for being funny, then hated for his public antics and now he's kinda cherished for his down to scrap attitude.

  25. One of the most unpredictables personalities in the sport, I still laugh about a journalist simply asking if he's best friend with Luis Peña and him gettingly

  26. I have a dad bod lol I’ve spent my whole life being skinny until I hit 30 now I have that beer belly and it’s fine. My gf and I make fun of it all the time.

  27. This actually happens to stand up all the time if you look at it. Guys who were popular get too successful and lose it. Society's likes and hates change and also these people change as they get older.

  28. It's a miracle that Carlin stayed that sharp and funny till the end. Dude was geriatric and still an absolute muuuuurderer. Don Rickles too, my god, he was in his freaking 90s and still absolutely hilarious, I don't know he could do that, it's insane lol

  29. Heavies, man! Breasts. Jugs. Cans. Knockers. Bongos. Bubbies. Bumpers. Blorps. BEWBZ. Tittaaays. Tatas. "The Twins.". Chesticles. Chi chis. Chebs. Charlies. Cha cha bingos. Chubby chest cheeks. Gazongas. Kahunas. Flabbergasters. Double lattes. Golden Globes. Jubblies. Nunga nungas. Pinch pots, Headlamps. Hindenburgs. Lady bubbles. Lilyhammers. Lunchables. Life ruiners. Mankillers. Smothers Brothers. Sweater stretchers. Shirt saboteurs. Snuggle pups, Maracas. Marshmallows. Meat-a-ball-as. Melons. Milk Duds. Mudflaps. Liberty bells. Little Rascals. Bouncy castles. Baby Busters. ( . Y . ) Babushkas. Baby buffets. Barnyard boppers. Rocket launchers. Rattlers. Traffic stoppers. Twin Peaks. Tater tots. Terrordomes. Grand Tetons….

  30. You missed put glasses, let me check... ok, you missed "tiddies", "honkers", "badonkeros" and, my personal favorite, "dobonhonkeros".

  31. I google Reiner de Ridder UFC, to see if he talks about it and found

  32. The Ridder would be a bad matchup for Izzy. Izzy's is fantastic in his defensive wrestling because of his length. This will be much less of an advantage against RDR.

  33. Also, he brought a good point, Izzy is very good in defending takedowns against the fence. In the open space tho it's different and he's more vulnerable in that aspect.

  34. Good proof that stupidpol isn’t Lefties against identity politics but rather just racists.

  35. I'm obviously not gonna check the sub but, like... what the fuck is a stupidpol?

  36. Ostensibly people who are politically Left but feel that “identity politics” (idpol -> stupidpol get it?) that is connecting racial issues with political issues is holding the movement back. In reality, it’s just a dodge for racists like saying “I wasn’t racist until everyone unjustly called me racist so I decided to become racist”

  37. Oh, I think I got it. They're not too fond of trans folk either, right?

  38. Those criticisms may apply well to John Wayne movies and 50s westerns, but certainly not to Italian westerns. This is either a troll post or the author is a buffoon.

  39. Yeah, you could have picked any other decade but the 60s? That's how you'd describe westerns like Leone or Corbucci's movies? I mean, hell, a subgenre of movies set in the Mexican Revolution with Mexican Revolutionaries as the protagonists was born and popularized in the late 60s, you know what i mean? lol I'd say it's just trolling

  40. Yep, that's right! The Mercenary is my favorite but there are so many cool ones

  41. Oh I fucking love how Oliviera sounds in this quote, thankyou for posting it. He sounds like he's in a fucking phenomenal headspace. I love it. I hope he smashes Islam.

  42. Jacques Torneau is so underrated, he was a really good director tbh.

  43. He made Out of the Past too, which is not an horror, but what a noir, wonderful movie.

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