1. I sent you a dm but never got a response so I'm asking here again. Can you send me the invite link please?

  2. Oh I’m sorry! Idk if i received the dm but I’ll send the link

  3. In my country Astrid is a female name, so I’d suggest Noa

  4. I know you wrote that you didn’t want to end the relationship, but I’m afraid that’s about the only solution here. Your partner doesn’t love you for who you are and thinks you’re his doll to customize which is a huge red flag. You deserve better

  5. Thanks! I have gotten a lot of vocal dysphoria lately and I really hope I’ll pass more easily on T

  6. Based on essence he reads very FN, he has that open vibe about him

  7. For your age definitely so! I know a cis guy who had a voice very similar to yours at age 14

  8. Damn you really sound like a cis female. I’m not very educated in this topic but based on this I immediately thought female

  9. dildos. my ex had about 20 difference dildos in a shoebox in a closet. (btw no this wasnt the reason we broke up)

  10. Eh not really concerning, Maybe you want different sizes

  11. In the first pic it looks like you have faint abs. 15% maybe

  12. I think you’re spot on with some but here’s my take:

  13. I forgot to put A$AP Rocky’s height. He is about 5’9 or 5’10. He’s not very tall. Fernando has too broad shoulders to be a Dramatic. I’ve noticed that Dramatic guys (at least in modeling very androgynous features or have gamin or Ingenue essence). Fernando has a Gamin and Romantic Essence but I think I might have messed up putting him in the Flamboyant natural category. Looking back, he’s softer that Brad Kroenig. I think he may be Soft Natural.

  14. Shoulder width is not necessarily equal to kibbe width. Tom cruise is a verified SN with rather narrow shoulders while Daniel Craig is verified D with broad shoulders. It’s about the overall silhouette, essence and need for accommodation

  15. Guys! I have one, I’ll dm y’all with a link!

  16. Honestly he looks leaner than you (you claim 12%) so I’d say he’s 11%

  17. 15-20% for men aged 20-39 is not unrealistic and 21-32% for women of the same age isn’t either. I know a dude at 59 who’s like 20% and he’s not even a gym freak and can eat out with a sedentary job.

  18. be sure to also try u/Wide_Ad_7550’s bodyfat ai website

  19. It said “please wait” forever and wouldn’t complete the processing

  20. Is it possible to make it work for women too?

  21. Salma has won every single one of these I’ve seen yet. To me she’s so gorgeous

  22. Not really lacking but his features are all pretty average, nothing stands out as exceptional

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