1. Make the sending pictures in the app smoother. Now it crashes whenever I scroll through the albums for more than 1 sec and sometimes when I’ve sent a pic it crashes. So annoying

  2. She does look taller than her actual height in my opinion. Does that mean she has the vertical?

  3. Not quite, vertical is a continuous straight line while perceived height is not considered in kibbe.

  4. If it wasn’t for Gotland I’d be drowning

  5. Thank you so much, I always felt like I might been TR but I think just the gatekeeping and all the celebrities comparisons made me feel like I might been a lot wider or broader compared to other TRs.

  6. I was also victim of the gatekeeping but I realized I’m TR when someone pointed out that I definitely need to accommodate for curve and that I have narrow. I tried on the recs and everything just clicked

  7. I definitely see TR in you. Double curve and narrow. I def think you benefit from waist emphasis as the mod said and you seem to be overwhelmed by larger ornaments.

  8. She fits N recs much better than D recs

  9. All TRs don’t look alike and a single feature in your face won’t break or make your ID. It’s the bigger picture that matters

  10. Dakota is so obviously FN. I don’t understand those who even considered typing her as SC.

  11. Men don’t have double curve, but agree he’s unlikely yin dominant.

  12. Men most definitely can have double curve.

  13. Yes!! I’ve seen the same thing happen with Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, etc…it seems that many automatically file women who are curvy and/or have a ‘sexy’ style into R family without giving it a second thought

  14. I agree! The majority of the verified R fam celebs aren’t nearly as conventionally curvy as the celebs you mentioned due to their bone structure not making a conventional hourglass.

  15. She’s an SN, her frame is still very blunt, even though she has had surgeries to look more TR.

  16. If anything her surgeries makes her lean towards an even more extreme SN

  17. Is it possible that you might be TR? SGs need more yang to be incorporated in their outfits than you seem to do and they also need line breaks while TRs doesn’t.

  18. Here are some celebs I think are SDs (all are unverified) who are active (or relatively active) on instagram:

  19. It's so difficult to type models or well trained men, I'd have never guessed Henry Cavill being a SD! In fact my boyfriend's reaction was "Ok, I'm checking his workout program" 😭😭which was not the point.. However, thank you so much!!!!

  20. Well kibbe and working out aren’t the same thing, however the bone structure and silhouette are what matters really. But well I’m not very well-versed in influencers so these celebs are who came to mind.

  21. I’d say DC fits the best since you seem balanced but with some added angularity.

  22. Oh thank you! What do you think about outfits in the photos ?

  23. I prefer the balanced ones without too much going on

  24. Hiiii. You responded to me on the kibbe subreddit before. Thanks for reaching out again, so nice of you 🤗🤗❤️ That's one of the types I'm considering, I just don't feel that narrow and tiny anymore (I'm not talking about weight or height)

  25. Neither did I but I am very sure I’m TR. TRs doesn’t have to be extremely conventionally narrow but rather have narrow lines (slight S-shape as opposed to extreme S-shape). Check out vivien Leigh vs Marilyn Monroe and you’d see what I mean. Marilyn’s curves are very large and full while vivien’s are narrow and small

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