When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Omg the baby 😭 i wanna hug the Gingachao

  2. Try completing a mark on File 2 or a diff empty page if that dont work I have no idea


  4. If ya cant use soaps, do you use synthetic detergents?

  5. In all seriousness, what console you on?

  6. I’m on PS5. I redeemed my code on the PS app, which is probably where I messed up tbh

  7. Another user posted this, for the life of me i cant remember who though, I copied this in case someone needed it

  8. Would anyone in Scarlet like to trade charcedets holding the armor for ceruledge in exchange of a charcedet holding the armor for armouroge?

  9. Anyone in scarlet wanna role through Area Zero with me and get version exclusives?

  10. Anyone trying to evolve Finizen, group code is FYSMFE

  11. Namekain and Gods are the only Races that was shown to have their one language

  12. Didnt freeza say something to goku in his native tounge on namek?

  13. Ive am the posion place with 1 lvl 36 and the rest are barely lvl 22 lol whoops

  14. Echo Chamber had eaten a reversed Lovers card, activated when I used The Fool, which took the rest of my health, spawned Sacred Heart, killed me, and then 1-up revived me, which I could then retrieve Sacred Heart

  15. The active item, boss room has yet to be cleared so theres the 6th

  16. Piccolo: Meditating Nail: Napping! I know the difference!

  17. If you did this in greedier mode, the machine jam chance is capped at 1%, and the chance for greed is 20%, following that, according to the wiki, for a standard donation machine jam, is 5% with each coin.

  18. no it was not greedier, and on the wiki it says that 99 coins have a 99,3% chance of jamming the machine

  19. Yes, double checking the wiki says that, I apologize for that. However, unless you can provide proof, then it is very very unlikely that you did.

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