1. The guy should not be making sexual remarks to an underage girl or any other girl/woman for that matter. His girlfriend should not be supporting his behavior and pedophilia fantasy's with underage girls.

  2. If she was eating like a granola bar or something, that would be a little ridiculous to get kicked out over, but she’s eating a cup of noodles. Like, that’s not a food you eat in the car by any stretch.

  3. What is the part you have of not understanding "No eating in the car?"

  4. I wonder if you will ever realize the irony of what you just wrote.

  5. No, because its not. Just like them everything is fake and plastic

  6. Regardless if by accident or not. The officer did do the right thing. I would acquit the officer of all wrong doing and charges. If not the perb would have attacked her too. If that would have happened the other two officer that arrived on scene would have shot the perb to death anyway.

  7. Jovi is a little punk. Get your ass up there and protect your wife you coward. Someone did that to my girl once. I stood up between them and this person tried to shove me out of the way to physically hit my girl. When that did not work she attempted to hit me. I blocked and knocked her out.

  8. No for right now. Yes after you get your inverted nipples fixed.

  9. Count your blessings and move on. She would have taken you on hell of ride. Now Run!

  10. It must suck being a douche so early on a Monday

  11. I am sorry my liberal cupcake. Everyone has and entitled to his or her opinion. Get over it cupcake.

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