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  1. You know maybe I should hold off on this sub until I finish reading cuz I got no idea who this is

  2. Honestly, it World be cool at this point. Yes, it could point to the end via fish overlord, but… well look at everything that is going on

  3. Tbh I wldnt be complaining all too much if we did live in that timeline

  4. Why hide from gay people when you can hide from everyone

  5. why does crossing the street where there's no crosswalk help?

  6. Advice: Don't say that. Just use a real deep voice and act annoyed. even if the voice is bad, thats a more stereotypically masc response.

  7. clearly both options on the second image are correct

  8. yep rip equius rip nepeta rip karkat rip terezi all four had terrifying deaths/injuries and he just takes machine gun fire like it's a casual slap instead of a lethal weapon

  9. Listen, don't shame them. As long as the art doesnt depict them as minors, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Horniness is a natural, human part of life. I'm happy that this person was brave enough to ask.

  10. Thanks! i didn't get the joke from the image but now i do. this really helped

  11. i have no clue- i was very confused cuz i thought it was pronounced “yeh - gae” (with e pronounced as a in yay) or “jey - gae” (but im also not a native spanish speaker so please correct me if im wrong)

  12. That should be pronounced yehgay. Who gay would be jugue.

  13. Most likely? How dark some parts of the internet are, and how far we are from any acceptable level of common, human decency.

  14. why the fuck did the large hadron reactor replace the sun

  15. Eridan tries to hit on everyone. While this isn't necessarily a problem, he is told to stop and doesn't.

  16. Not mad, just saying, i know a couple transfemmes who don't fit either of these and get done imposter syndrome shit from them. So maybe tone it down.

  17. The more I play super meat boy the more I realise that there isn't a single category where Celeste is better than Super Meat Boy. The movement is not in any way comparable, super meat boy is way better, the story in Celeste is the worst of it's kind, visually they're both bland, the level design in Celeste is attrocious at times, and the music sounds like it's made by an AI that just shat out the most generic 8-bit music that will make your ears bleed. I'm not stating an opionion, this is an objective fact

  18. Iirc equius said there are several reasons but he never gets to explain them.

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