1. It took me years to get to a level of playing above high F in a relaxed and comfortable way. It takes a lot of patience, because you're going to have to build more blocks to get above where you are than what it took to just get this far. In terms of air, be forthright and take large enough breaths. Control the starts and ends of your notes. In terms of embouchure, work on playing along a tall range with one breath, without changing embouchure. This will help integrate new notes. In terms of comfort and utility, gliss along each partial to get a sense for where that partial is. Glissing from a high E in seventh position to a high Bb in first can help it feel more normal. Play scales and arpeggios gradually higher in one practice session and repeat that until the notes start to become clearer.

  2. My dog. A piece of music called "Acoustic Curves" from a really old DVD called Animusic

  3. I love Animusic! Acoustic Curves is a lot of fun, but I personally like Harmonic Voltage and Future Retro the most.

  4. At first I thought, "what a mediocre digital painting" and then I zoomed in and thought "holy shit this is awesome."

  5. This happened to me and it was a broken spring. Whether or not that's the case I'd recommend seeing a professional to get it fixed or replaced.

  6. This post is one hour old and I've already seen 6 red flags that my GF does, shit.

  7. Other replies are good, but I'd add that it MAY be the case that some of these red flags can exist at harmless levels, so sometimes a small problem, while definitely a problem, is just a small problem. Idk if this is helpful but that's my two cents.

  8. This is beyond my playing ability right now, so I don't have good advice, but I want to just gush over how brilliant this song is. Just looking at these measures I can hear it all in my head. Gershwin was a genius.

  9. Not an expert, but I would say that an hour a day is more than enough at the level of a beginner. I'm not sure about potential damage, but as long as you continue to streamline your practice regimen, I would guess that you'll be fine. Overall though, do your long tones and lip slurs and scales and all that and you will find yourself improving at a steady rate.

  10. I don't think it will be anything simple like all the one word answers here. I think that if America does fall, it will probably be a very complex and gradual process.

  11. head large enough to bite virgin's whole body, but neck too small to swallow it

  12. It's disappointing for sure, but I totally get if she just wanted to quit. I imagine it must be insanely hard to contend with the pressures of Fame and fortune, so I don't blame her for backing out.

  13. This is genuinely so well written, I'm not even kidding. The word choice and pacing makes it fun to read and it's extremely easy to visualize what's going on. Plus solid comedic timing. Maybe like actually write a short novel or something, this is entertaining.

  14. I think there's a wonderful line of questioning in here, but you really worded it poorly, OP. Violence and cruelty aren't really normal desires. There likely is something pathologically wrong if these end up being tempting things for you.

  15. Deep fantasy and sexual pleasure at the thought of indulging in torture, murder, and other immoral acts.

  16. Well, to a degree, I think that's normal. But if it's manifesting itself consistently at the surface level in a noticable way, or in a way that causes distress to one's self or other people, then it is out of control and should be therapeutically combatted.

  17. I didn't find any posts that meet the matching requirements for

  18. I love how much you animated doge and his facial expressions. But this is kind of funnier with no audio at all lmao

  19. I know this is the funny doge post, but this is some genuinely well done character development. Having doge and cheems disagree about whether to be patient or aggressive is pretty sophisticated for a dogelore meme.

  20. I think the font is probably as important if not moreso, and I think this font lends itself to rectangles, whereas something with a little more roundness might suit the balloons more. I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but that is my two cents.

  21. Don't forget words like "agencies" where the "ies" is the plural substitute for "y" even in spite of following the letter "c."

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