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  1. 3D printing / Fosscad GunTuber. As for his politics, Deviant Olam, who Karl from InRangeTV has worked with several times, is almost always posting a comment on his videos. They both seem to be libertarians, if not left leaning.

  2. I like Deviant and Fosscad, do any combination of the two is nice. I do agree they seem a bit libertarian, but nothing too offensive.

  3. This is what happens when people are forced to vote against the party they hate more rather than for the party they like more. People would be more motivated to vote Democrat if their platform was more than, “hey, at least we aren’t the Republicans.”

  4. Do you get both subclass features concurrently, or chose one from either at each subclass feature opportunity?

  5. ...But pretty damn good anyways. Like, mid-2000s Digiorno frozen pizza. Better options out there but they still hit the spot.

  6. I know there are STANAG adapters for 5.56 NATO mags, there may be one for 7.62 NATO as well

  7. I mean, look at how we handled the type we were "prepared for".

  8. Well some countries did better than others. Some countries had the misfortune of not wanting to die from a plague become a political/cultural issue.

  9. Oh no, he kept his one campaign promise he actually meant.

  10. So many people overlooked that one. In reality it was the most honest thing he said.

  11. Hey man bidets are fucking rad don’t lump them in with politicians.

  12. Name is Greg Tambone. Here’s a link about him, his company, and his apparently acceptable felonies.

  13. Gotta love that every time he picks a fight, it’s actually an assassination attempt.

  14. Did you ever consider that black people are just inherently more criminal than white people?

  15. in what game system did he think "dumbass with a gun" was a fair match for a kaiju? it didn't sound like you were playing Rift, where a drugged fueled psychopath can wield a tank like a pistol...

  16. Now run around with an off-hand knife and make all your Modern Warfare dreams come true.

  17. Is taking active steps to defend one's IP a 'shitty business practice'?

  18. No. But: overpriced stuff, not stocking popular models, exclusivity, crushing all third parties (even those who aren’t hurting them at all), hyper aggressive C&D on things that are pretty clearly not their IP (the Chapterhouse debacle de facto patented oversized pauldrons, for instance), and balancing games specifically so that people who buy more models win, even at the same point total, are all bad business practices. Mostly it’s the contempt they seem to have for their fans, though.

  19. I'm all down for doing your own thing but I see too many tiefling posts with the eyes wrong. Tieflings have solid colour eyes and I feel like I rarely see them

  20. Is being the poorest senator even that bad though. Great healthcare, great pay.

  21. While Biden still sucks plenty, your base assertion is valid. For the majority of Americans, the base Congressional benefits package is a massive upgrade

  22. Yo why do you care? It’s not at your table, it can’t hurt you. No need to shot on a DM doing something that works for their table because it wouldn’t for yours.

  23. **Actually, to clarify: Stalin gave the Indian govt a loan to purchase the grain from the US, but still pretty contradictory to the general narrative painted about him. He apparently cared a whole lot more ab whether or not Indians starved than the hyper-racist Churchill did, even though Churchill still ruled over India as a protectorate at the time

  24. Well Churchill liked the Nazis better than the Indians. If they wanted to eat they should have been white.

  25. shut the FUCK up. stop posting actually interesting fucking weapons only because you are an underdeveloped tard that screeches when something is not ak or ar shaped. you stagnant mongoloid fucks make me sick, have some appreciation for the engineering behind unusual weapons and maybe think for a moment why a reverse cycle pump action mechanism makes mechanical sense. fucking herrera kiddies without an ounce of reason daily come here and go "guhhh it not look like webon frum my gaemes so it cursd" piss off you fucking trog.

  26. Am I the only one who thinks she’s going to stab herself in the throat that first time she raises her left arm?

  27. Do yourself a favor and watch at least a few episodes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

  28. Catch the original too. It catches some shit but still a pretty great show.

  29. According to Crawford, you can cast simulacrum, have it use wish to make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum use wish to make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you, have that simulacrum make a simulacrum of you,

  30. Not just infinite 8th level spell slots. You can cast an infinite amount of them each turn .

  31. I totally forgot it shares your initiative. Given enough time and mats, you could do theoretically infinite damage. Nuts.

  32. Is that brace available anywhere? The digitalnimbus brace is awesome, and I have a few parts kits laying around for it. Does that attach via pic rail?

  33. Per OP, it’s still under development. Also by the picture it looks like it’s built into the receiver.

  34. Why do I get the idea that movie isn’t as good as I remember?

  35. OR buy this package deal I got going. Buy this rock from my driveway for $1200 and get this AR for $0.01. All sales final, no returns or exchanges.

  36. If I had to guess, they’ll do the thing that the DMV does when you register your car and base it on the value not purchase price. Which is the only time they’ll factor in the value of your gun.

  37. In this case im just gonna carry a brace of shitty revolvers.

  38. Pretty badass. Also, black powder revolvers are cheap and not considered firearms in many states. Not saying you should roll around with 4 Colt Dragoons on your chest, but I’m not not saying that. Also there are conversion cylinders to change them to .357 magnum that can be purchased without a background check but that probably changes the definition a bit.

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