1. German has an expression for this = Backpfeifengesicht

  2. "Once I had a dream about Putingrad."

  3. I have doubts because 932160 is not a prime number.

  4. You placed your phone on your forehead.

  5. And the next CEO of Microsoft will be ChatGPT-5.

  6. He suggested that Bennett do it instead.

  7. I had no idea we had that many tanks. Who are we defending from, Ze Germans?

  8. Sweden should attach a fresh copy of Quran to the NATO application.

  9. Maybe he prayed for a sudden and painless death.

  10. That is exactly their tactics. Like Scottish midges.

  11. It looks like an obsessive thought running in a network of neurons.

  12. Now he's bound to have high blood pressure.

  13. The word 'deny' must be their slang term for 'escape'.

  14. Applications from aliens never arrive on time.

  15. It looks like the sky is blue behind the building.

  16. Sign language is technically not spoken.

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