1. Do you like retail work, or is there something special about Spencer’s?

  2. But it's exactly what the evidence points to. The parents never looked, and the police, who by that time had very adversarial relationships with the family, didn't look until 9 days had passed.

  3. Yes. If you are genuinely proud of what you’ve accomplished, Your bottom line may stay the same, but your definition of “rich” will change. One day, you can realize you have everything you want and need, and a drop more would make you no more happy.

  4. Nope. Reddit is trying to force unwanted shit on us.

  5. Where I live, Kathy is normally short for Katherine and sometimes Kathleen.

  6. Adding to my own post Shannon, which I just learned is a river in Ireland.

  7. You have me rolling at Hudson, thank you! It’s a great name, so I’m glad it belongs to more than one place.

  8. That tends to happen when I focus on not talking, instead of asking more questions; to keep others talking.

  9. This advice is the best advice. From OP’s description, the problem isn’t that they talk too much, it’s that they dominate their conversations.

  10. Love these, great job. I get the feeling he physically can’t stop looking at her, and I love her expression. For quick depth improvement, try using your heavier lines the farther away in perspective the bodypart is. So, for the female head, the heaviest lines are used in her hair, when they could be better used on the outline of her face which is farthest from the viewer. Use heavier lines in the hair on the farther sides of her head, and lighter ones around the ear and temple, which face the viewer. Adds depth quickly to sketches like these.

  11. The wildest thing on there that Ive seen is teenagers and ealy 20s people posting on there. Youre not experiencing a dead bedroom, youre 19 and the relationship just isn't working.

  12. I feel the same way about people in their mid to late twenties ending “otherwise perfect” relationships they’ve had for 5-10 years because the sex has slowed down. You two were teenagers when you started! You’ve both changed and slowed down a lot. Maybe explore those changes safely in your established relationship?

  13. Aurora is top tier! And Cerise is phonetically close to Celeste without doubling down on the sky imagery. You’ve made a beautiful name.

  14. You have to dress for your own applause. Confidently wear what you like and what looks good on you, don’t dwell on why you like it and what the ‘fashion’ is. You look amazing, girl, you set the fashion!

  15. Primer, NYX jumbo pencil in milk available at Ulta and CVS, then your regular foundation & powder. I hid an entire arm tattoo from my conservative father with this method.

  16. This is the way. Should run about $15 USD for all the products. And you’ll have them on hand for next time ;)

  17. I met someone similar at 15 who stayed in my life until I was 25. Every day was a panic attack, every night was a spiral. Everything was always an emergency. I could parrot her own words back at her, but I was still wrong. I had to answer every call or it was my fault if she hurt herself. And let me tell you:

  18. I mean if a doctor didn't diagnose someone with anything and they've been suffering for years, I wouldn't go either.

  19. Fair, and neither would I. To clarify, she definitely did have diagnoses; specific to her mental state, she was diagnosed twice as autistic, but she wanted borderline personality disorder. I think she could have grown into an entirely different human if her autism had been cared for.

  20. Nothing sounded like failure, until you ruminated for 6 months. The point of leaving your comfort zone is not to succeed immediately; no amount of practice can completely make up for zero experience. The point is to fail and survive, so that next time you know “this can suck, this can ruin my whole day, but this can’t kill me.”

  21. +1 I’ve used those eyes, they are not safe for under 3. An alternative would be to embroider eyes on. Or make little black rounds similar to the brown spots and attach those.! Very very cute!

  22. I have used needle-felted eyes as well for baby toys! I am glad there are so many creative options that achieve the same look more safely.

  23. “Also what’s with the coin thing? Is that the only thing the writers could think of that’s two?”

  24. Not a subreddit, but check out the JAN (job accommodation network). They have recommended accommodations by disability as well as reading and resources for people with disabilities, their families & employers.

  25. I’ve owned that exact model for a crested gecko. Mine came with the foam background. Best of luck :)

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