1. When I was in Hawaii buying local was cheaper where I was. At the farmers in NH, it depends what you’re buying. I can get soap scraps for cheap and the maple syrup is cheaper than if you were to buy it at a gift shop. I don’t purchase meat at farmers markets so I can’t compare prices on those. I guess it depends what you buy.

  2. Jfc the refund is ridiculous. $21 max??? Bitch, I spent $100 on these. Come on.

  3. I’m having the same dilemma!!! I’m pissed! I dropped $100 in December 😩

  4. That laugh she does is the same thing my mom does when she’s being very passive aggressive.

  5. Not gonna lie but I’m kind of laughing at Cody’s eye liner and him dressing up. I need more of this.

  6. Same thing happened to me. I sold Clinique perfume for a REALLY good deal. And even after I paid for shipping, the buyer didn’t like it and claimed what I sold was fraudulent. Mercari actually sided with me. The buyer had also messaged me that she went to Ulta to confirm and the perfume doesn’t smell like the same perfume at Ulta.

  7. I just said this isn’t fraudulent. You can tell by the bottle it’s authentic. And then they messaged me saying the buyers return got denied and they released the funds to me. And k was stressed because it was my very first order as a seller

  8. Last year she threw a tantrum after not getting her grilled cheese like it’s usually made. And she asked the waiter why it wasn’t prepared a certain way. This was at their ski house.

  9. Even worse, she said something like "I don't think he speaks English." IN FRONT OF HIM- the poor waiter she was berating, simply because she didn't like the answer she was getting and his complexion was darker than hers 😒

  10. I forgot about that!!!! She’s totally clueless. Like read the room, Jen. 🙄

  11. It would be great but I don’t see any circumstance where Sr doesn’t call in a BYU favor or make a little donation.

  12. Valid point. He’s on some boards there. But imagine running a cheer camp and Sr. Threatens you? I’d tell him to go invest in fossil fuels and leave us alone. 😂

  13. It’s faster to click the buy now button than to type that you’re making meatloaf.

  14. Have You tried This is the Mormon's Family Tree, and it's Free to Use!

  15. Thank you, but I’m not Mormon. My great grandpas were bigamists abs cheaters, but not polygamist.

  16. You don't have to be Mormon, they want connect everyone they can to trace themselves back to Jesus! So You can find out about You Whole Family for Free, they send me reports every now, and then saying We found another person in your Family!!!

  17. It sounds like you have a shape issue. My experience with Aerie wireless bras is that the straps attach closer to the sides. You sound like you need them to attach closer to the nipples.

  18. Snow boots, a stick vacuum, and quality stainless steel recycling and garbage bins with the foot pedals.

  19. Loft outlet has been a great store for me. I tend to wear medium petite instead of small. I don’t like their pants but their shirts and cardigans are great

  20. Might I suggest a menstrual cup? I have one and I love it! The soft silicone make it feel like I’m not wearing anything at all plus you can go for a long time before you have to change it. It costs a bit up front but I’ve have mine two years strong.

  21. I can’t wear those because it’s painful with endometriosis. I have tight pelvic floor muscles.

  22. You could try using a blow dryer to loosen up the sticker and gently peeling it

  23. This is how I felt about the used-car shortage. Higher prices but every lot near me was completely full.

  24. My fiancé runs a used car store and they had a very challenging time getting inventory. The lot went through periods where it was very empty and they didn’t have many cars.

  25. I texted mine and thanked her for not butting in where it wasn’t her place, or pushing me to get married at like 22. She goes, “oh you saw this weeks episode.”

  26. I loved this Jane girl until every damn story became hawking and shilling.

  27. I gotta play devil’s advocate for a second- she may have flared ribs. My mom and I both have flared ribs and my mom’s are seriously flared and look like the picture above.

  28. My father in law was a teen dad with his ex. They were 16/17 years old. They both drank and I don’t think they communicated well. My advice is communicate with your partner. Whether you’re scared, don’t know how to do something, or want to understand what each other is feeling, just reach out to her and talk.

  29. As for prescriptions, try GoodRx and GoodRx Gold. My fiancés prescription epi pen was $200 and with goudrx gold it was $80. Plus it allows you to compare costs at different pharmacies

  30. My French teacher did this but we could only go 3 times a QUARTER. So one kid needed to go 4 times and she nearly let him pee his pants. She was a sadist.

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