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  1. Why do people write shit without, at a minimum, googling it first

  2. Worst of it all is that both Pinochet in Chile as well as Salazar and Caetano in Portugal enjoyed full US support during the Cold War.

  3. I solved today's Redactle (#87) in 28 guesses with an accuracy of 50.00%.

  4. What do these even mean? Like if you identify yourself most with the far-left, how would you be center-left?

  5. Let's put it this way: you are center-left (hypothetically), but the center-left party you voted for has failed to form a government. What would you prefer then? The far-left or the center-right? With the first ones you have one thing in common: both of you are leftists. And with the center-right you have something in common, too: you value personal and collective freedoms and rights at the expense of government power.

  6. What happens to me is that sometimes, just sometimes, they wake up after getting killed, so I arrest them.

  7. The MK1 is a weapon for the Supporter Edition, so you can't use it if you haven't gotten that. Same applies for that one fancy looking pistol, the B1301 Entryman and the Rescue Shield. I hope they will put a sign on the weapons, so that people can recognise that they can't play the weapon

  8. I solved today's Redactle (#86) in 27 guesses with an accuracy of 37.04%.

  9. Peace? Huh! As the brave soldier Švejk put it: „Meine Herren, es lebe Kaiser Franz Josef I.!"

  10. Yes, that wasn’t a gunshot, I just put a lightbulb in the microwave, or a much more believable thing.

  11. Kids playing with firecrackers. The construction work in the apartment above mine. Whatever.

  12. I solved today's Redactle (#84) in 15 guesses with an accuracy of 73.33%. The key was

  13. I solved today's Redactle (#82) in 336 guesses with an accuracy of 21.73%.

  14. Even more skins for weapons and even more AK- and AR- pattern rifles. A zombie mode? Over my dead body.

  15. The United States was the only country whose industry was capable of supplying the militaries of the US themselves, the UK and the USSR continually and simultaneously throughout the war. It's just absurd to deny the impact the US had in the war effort, and recognizing this doesn't diminish other countries' efforts like that fucktard suggested.

  16. I solved today's Redactle (#81) in 170 guesses with an accuracy of 41.76%.

  17. Depends on the mod. A lot of weapons mods will replace existing weapons, but there is a mod that lets you add many weapons without replacing anything, it's made by MrJacket. Maps usually do not replace any existing map afaik.

  18. Things like VO overall will replace the original files. The rest are just .pak files that get loaded more over the top of the original rather than replacing the original. To get rid of mods either delete it from the Paks folder or just verify your game files

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