1. Men try to see the body so Om sure he looked and read that part.

  2. There is a Caribbean Festival that I’m thinking of going with the family after walking the dog and some grocery shopping. I want to cut back some trees, plant some plants and harvest some in my backyard. Swimming on Sunday and some baking some too. I feel like making donuts as well.

  3. Find another source of your happiness. It is when I did intermittent fasting did I learn to control my stress/emotional eating.

  4. The outfit is all wrong because you look really pale against that darker color shirt. Maybe a button down and a pair of jeans with the collar/top buttons open. Hands on the pocket is also off-putting. Add a little more info about your interests.

  5. Nah, my blood is practically caffeinated. I work nights so it’s necessary.

  6. The sun and not covering up as needed and frankly, people come here to retire so we just have a lot of older people here.

  7. I frankly don’t understand that idea because if anything grass and landscaping will cool it down whereas concrete and rocks wouldn’t. I have large fruit trees and vegetable garden. Hot and humid is my norm so it’s like a year-round growing season. Why waste the possibilities with just concrete?! Heck put in an in-ground pool!

  8. I swim in my own pool. Heck I see others larger than me who are more confident, so I walk around like them.

  9. I handle the finances and we are married and we both put all in. We have accounts for our kids and I put $50 into each of their accounts from each of our checks and $100 into our savings accounts and I disperse the rest to the various bills and debts still leaving some as it relates to groceries and entertainment costs.

  10. Nearly all the cotton shirts I’ve worn don’t stand up to heavy sweating.. within an hour I smell like mildew.

  11. Also the T-shirts, better it’s a bit larger rather than tighter, that way air can pass through between you and the shirt.

  12. Maybe give the moisture-wicking a try, as it dries, you start to cool down.

  13. I think it is ridiculous because they are all individuals and aren’t affected in the same ways. I think genders also play a role too. I find it a bit offensive.

  14. When I was younger, I said I was older and now that I’m older, I’d hope that I still look younger but I’m okay the age I’m at but some are not. I guess they know the pool is already slim so they want to try and broaden their reach.

  15. Nah, for a garden party, think colorful pastels or floral attire, bright and sunny rather than dark and gloomy. I’d say if the black base had a floral pattern, maybe but really, it should be a light and airy type feel.

  16. Reflex for him to look at other women? He can’t focus on you on your wedding anniversary?

  17. Gardening-flowers in front and veggies in back, home DIY projects, roller-skating and soccer. Crafting with my kids and baking is just par for the course for me.

  18. I’ve seen where people added outside poles to attach them to.

  19. I think it really depends where you are from such that I’m from a very hot and humid place and I get depressed when I am cold.

  20. 18 is considered an adult so…Let’s get real, you wanted feedback, just didn’t like the feedback you got. It’s called constructive criticism. I’m sorry you prefer lies. They are so adorable!

  21. The writing and the drawing were as if a child had done it. I didn’t say they were bad but yeah they needed work.

  22. Those both seem like the right idea given your focus.

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