1. TT gives the external site warning by default to everything. If it doesn't, it blanks out the first click and looks like it didn't load. Then it does on the next click. It's awful

  2. Can it also differ if people are from other countries ?

  3. What quality are your items? They look amazing but I try to stick with 1:1 mirror quality. You can never truly tell from a photo. Thank you in advance!

  4. I have gotten some that are 1:1 from ig sellers but a lot aren’t because I don’t mind

  5. I’m thinking to order a custom pair of gucci clogs from IG seller share_bag but I’m scared I’m going to get scammed 😫 are you sure he’s legit?

  6. I would never post someone that wasn’t legit. I have gotten at least 5 items from him and I have more on the way

  7. Right I was like uh don’t we all know this story and how it ends

  8. What are your thoughts now that you've had it a while?? Did it come in Dyson packaging?

  9. It came in the whole packaging and looks like the real deal. it gave me more of a blow out look, not so much as curls. I cut my hair short in October so I haven’t really been using it now

  10. Ok but they unfollowed each other on Instagram the first time they broke up ?? Maybe they just never followed each other back? AFAIK that’s the reason why people thought they broke up again. Maybe people should just not read into this stuff so much?

  11. Exactly for all we know they could’ve never broken up and have always been together. People saying poor kids when we literally have no idea what actually goes on. She could literally be posting stuff just for views. People definitely read way too much into it.

  12. I just never thought it was that deep or serious 😂 I have a boy so I’m a boy mom. Just like there are dog moms, cat moms, etc 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Right? I’m a dog mom and a boy mom. If I had a girl, I’d be a girl mom. I’m very confused by this post??

  14. Another vote for the Hatch. It's got wifi phone controls in addition to the buttons on the unit itself. So you can change things from your bed in the middle of the night if you need to.

  15. Hatch is seriously worth the money. My son is 2 years old and we have been using it since we got home from the hospital

  16. I’m currently pregnant and due in July. My son will be a little over 2.5 when I give birth. We are scared but super excited! I wonder too about stuff like how I will leave the house with two kids and just do basic things like cook and shower. I am a sahm with no family close by so I know it will be hard but I also know it will be rewarding. My husband and I learned everything on our own and we just adapted. And we will just adapt to two kids and you will as well!

  17. My son turned 2 at the end of October. I love the toddler stage. He’s hilarious. But I am also a sahm and boy some days are ROUGH. He tries to be the boss and the tantrums some days are just insane. But if you think about it in the sense that it is normal at this stage then maybe it won’t be so terrible. I feel like a lot of parents say it’s so terrible because they have no patience because let me tell you some days you will need a lot of it.

  18. Serious question. Is this something people/parents strive for? Independence?

  19. Some of us have to cook and clean and shower and do laundry and dishes so that time for independent play is necessary to just function. I had a life before them and that life continues now with them as part of it, not as all of it. I promote independence since my job as a parent is to make them self reliant people who are capable to go out in the world some day. I personally don’t think helicopter parenting would benefit my kids.

  20. But independent play is so important for them. My son is 26 months and does it a lot. He will actually play with his car and little people and pretend they are talking to one another. which is amazing for his development so I would never interrupt him

  21. Some of us parents can’t even do daycare due to the hours they are open and that there is no places open on weekends. My husband and I are both law enforcement with family 4 hrs away. We were working opposite shifts for the first two years of my son’s life and had a nanny for the few hrs when I left for work and before my husband got home from work. Recently our nanny quit and we could not find anyone so I was forced to become a stay at home mom. If you don’t have a village you are basically screwed when it comes to childcare

  22. The mini mousse desserts are amazing. I just want to eat them all in one sitting

  23. I have been following her since she’s been pregnant with Ocean and it did look like that. On a lot of lives she did with Tate, there was stuff everywhere

  24. Idk but this is a new item I think and some items go super quick

  25. What section is this dip in? I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and didn’t see it!

  26. It was right by all the other dips in the refrigerated section

  27. My son turned 2 in October and can count up to 10 like when walking up the stairs. If I ask him how many blocks he has he can tell me how many there are sometimes. But sometimes he gets it wrong. He is able to point out certain letters in words.

  28. I was raised in Poland so I didn’t hear about it till I was an adult. My son is 2 years old and I was not going to do it but I found the whole book with the elf today at Goodwill for only $3. I think it will be something that’s more fun for me than him lol

  29. A cold baby cries, a hot baby dies.

  30. I lived by this when my son was a baby. I would tell my mom this probably every day because she just did not get it. She would constantly try to layer my son up and he would get a heat rash. He’s now two and she’s still making comments how he needs a hat to go from the car to the store when it’s in the 50s

  31. I did see that but that should have been something she was thinking about as soon as she got into a relationship. She’s almost 30 and has already been thru so much in her life

  32. At the City Point TJ’s in Brooklyn they have them by the cash registers, with a sign saying “Limit 2 per customer”!

  33. That’s good! I can’t stand the people that buy out all these items to resell on eBay

  34. I always manage to miss this type of stuff every year. Today, I struck gold! My store had everything still in stock. I got this, the beauty advent calendar, the body butter trio, the chapsticks, and the gummy bear lip stuff. The cashier was like, "Oh, big dent in your Christmas shopping?" No...all for me! Probably didn't need every single thing, but since I can never find any of them in a normal year I pounced!

  35. Yay!!! That’s exciting! Trust me I miss out on a lot of stuff too and I think it’s because the closest store to me is 40 min away so I literally have to plan out when I can go

  36. Time for another latest finds post from me 😊 all photos are my own! These are all my own items. More photos and videos are on my instagram @domithings and tik tok @domithings_ All links for everything can be found on

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