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  1. He was a better actor that this thread is giving credit.

  2. Low-key, one my favorite moments in Band of Brothers is when Luz loudly makes fun of John Wayne during one of his movies.

  3. If the Russians feel like it they should attack Poland too, would NATO risk WW3 over red and white?

  4. Yes. They've repeatedly said they would.

  5. Could be a joke by the devs, could be a neat historical detail. Japanese culture was heavily influenced by China, and the Mongols, of course, blitzed through much of China. Some of their orders are written in Chinese; Jin, having had to study Sun Tzu in Chinese as a samurai, is able to decipher them in one story quest.

  6. You see, I'm of a different mind on this.

  7. You don't use reusable bags because you think it makes you look gay.

  8. Such a textbook example of “fuck around and find out.” And from Merrick Garland of all people! I honestly didn’t think he had the balls.

  9. Reddit expected Garland to saddle up like a mythical Wild West sherriff, lasso Trump and his cronies, and drag them all to jail as soon as Biden was sworn in. That was never how it was going to work. When you're up against a target of this type, you need to prepare the hardest blow you can. That's what Garland has been doing all along.

  10. A year and a half is a long fucking time to prepare to investigate a criminal case. I don’t think it was irrational to expect an investigation to be public and underway shortly after 1/6. A trial and conviction is always going to take a long time, but the lead up to it has been absolutely glacial, and with the time this administration and this justice department has spent fumbling around, I don’t blame people for being cynical and thinking it wasn’t going to happen, especially after so many false starts before Trump was even out of office.

  11. It's been absolutely clear that the investigation has been going on for some time now. I'll reiterate: these cases take time. The fact that they raided a former President's house means that they came to a federal judge armed with substantial evidence, which in turn means that they've been extremely busy with the investigation away from public eyes. And let's be honest: considering the sheer number of numbskulls that support the Former Guy, keeping the investigation under wraps was the right call. Not to mention that the mere fact that the DOJ is asking to unseal the search warrant for the public means that they feel the case is bullet-proof.

  12. You were so busy trying to figure out if you could that you didn't stop to think if you should.

  13. I just can't imagine making guns a core part of your personality. Like, what is this dude if you remove guns from the picture?

  14. I wonder if they'll ever make a song about California.

  15. Dead Man's Tale. It just feels right.

  16. Ohh, the tears of unfathomable sadness.

  17. The fat Darth Maul cosplayers frustrate the hell out of me.

  18. It would be pointless, sadly. Banshee was good friends with Cayde, but even so his memory is so bad that he forgot him. It would be cruel to Elsie to see him like that, and Banshee wouldn't remember anything anyway.

  19. Well no one bet against me, but I'm claiming victory all the same

  20. Don't take this the wrong way, but I wish you were wrong.

  21. Is there a difference between faith and blind faith?

  22. This is a personal definition based on my Catholic upbringing, so take it with a grain of salt.

  23. The First Curse, but make it a hard-hitting special ammo kinetic.

  24. Personally I think Obi-Wan shoudl have lost the final duel but still leaving huge marks on vader, I think it would have been way more inpactfull

  25. Soft disagree. I thought he beat Vader too easily, but I think the point was that Kenobi was superior, was always superior, and remained his master. It even makes his appearance in ANH that much more badass; he could have easily beaten Vader again, but ended the fight on his terms.

  26. I really wish we could still get it. I missed out on the Forge grind.

  27. Terminator: Salvation. A neat glimpse into the beginning of the Future War.

  28. "No blood, no bodies... we hit nothing."

  29. With what money? They can barely pay to maintain their own military.

  30. Oil and stolen wheat. NK needs both. Russia could also send over a few nuclear and rocket scientists.

  31. Both are resources that Russia needs now. They literally can't afford NK help, even assuming that China allows it.

  32. This may not be the big deal people think it is. The US and Indian Navies have run joint exercises for some time now. Allowing an American ship access to an Indian shipyard might just be a logical extension of that partnership. Or it could signify a pivot from Russia on India's part. Only time will tell.

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