1. What are these called...they are euro trash looking but I like it haha

  2. I think these are the same but with boa laces

  3. Nice! Does it stop fleas and tics as advertised?

  4. I'm from Iceland (the country) and I got excited! Then came the dissapointment.

  5. Besides the overswing your left leg is bending way to much, makes your whole body stance go lower and then you struggle to get back up in the right postition when swinging forward to make good contact.

  6. Proper swing there. I would like to know his distances :flushed:

  7. These frontline putters are just really good. Was going for a Ping or an Odyssey but kept going to Cleveland Frontline Cero, was just straighter and better distance management with the frontline over the other ones. So i'm going for that one :heart_eyes:

  8. I was in your shoes like 2 months ago! this sucks balls and ruined like a month and half of my golf summer. I finally got an appointment with my teacher and she basicly moved me back from the golf ball on my iron shots and voila after some practice on the range I was feeling good about myself again and shot my PB 2 weeks later. Go to a professional and don't give up!

  9. Shirts: UA and Nike, Pants: Callaway, Rain wear: Callaway.

  10. I have a Garmin watch and it asks for shots taken, FIR, Putts and penalties after each hole, I love it! But I always have a paper scorecard and a pencil as a backup for some reason :P

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