1. i feel this on a personal level

  2. bruh and I thought my 4pc CWoF set would be good enough until the dedicated set comes out in 3.6, chill with the artifact farming

  3. Stage 5: Acceptance. For better or for worse, she will be triple crowned day 1

  4. We are in fact in Dehya Mains.

  5. true and based, DehyaMains is currently full of fallen soldiers but the people who actually main Dehya will rise like a pheonix Flame-Mane

  6. don't worry, dehya will take half the damage of cringe for you

  7. literally the same position with 150 wishes and guarantee + 40 pity on weapon banner. I'd say for me the novelty of getting a banner 5* weapon is better than dmg increase, but since you have ss r4/5, I'd just recommend c1 in your case.

  8. yea i ran out of cope so i turned to religion, maybe the Heavenly Principles will have mercy Despairge

  9. I think Collei will unironically be on the banner though


  11. Honestly it's not just Hoyo. The beta testers are equally at fault for not reporting that anything is wrong with Dehya. They probably think she's fine

  12. Well what's interesting is that I haven't seen any leaks of Dehya fighting a boss, or even fighting real enemies that aren't invincible hilichurls... I think the leakers know how disappointing her damage and utility is...

  13. forget doomium, im taking straight opium at this point

  14. It's still CNY week. So I honestly don't expect her to be buff this Monday, maybe few optimization here and there but that's it. Next next Monday is the real deal.

  15. Yea I lowkey agree, I've mentioned before that the week after CNY is still pretty slow because of how many people use annual leave to get a longer break.

  16. Don't worry, I've got memes prepared for all 3 outcomes

  17. True honestly who knows at point. Honestly I don’t think her kit works really even conceptually. I mean what is her main role it’s not burgeon support her skill doesn’t really apply pyro frequently enough for that as well as her not having em scaling on her kit. She doesn’t really scale of hp either until her c1 and her burst might as be doing red coloured physical dmg. Well maybe she’ll be decent with Fontaine character but honestly if I need to pull another character to make dehya ok then that’s it bit scummy but ok a 5 star should be decent at c0 but ok fine. Lets just see where this goes but honestly her main kit has been finalised and it’s not about the scaling it’s problems are on a conceptual level (dmg absorption just doesn’t really work.)

  18. imo the current state is still just the starting point, when work starts up again they implement bigger changes. It feels like most of the issues could be fixed with simple tweaks to her kit (like adding HP scaling at C0, buffing the multipliers etc.)

  19. Elemental resonances is a good point, but given how niche Dehya is looking to be (even if buffed), I can't imagine a generalized resonance that would make her go from bad to good.

  20. You can wait till Hu Tao/Yelan banner is almost over and then decide.

  21. ^Absolutely this, since you already have Yelan you aren't missing out on much, and they'll showcase the first live version of Dehya in the 3.5 livestream before Yelan's banner is over.

  22. I mean let's be honest, half of us like Dehya because we're already masochists

  23. They heard people were still pulling for waifu reasons so they had to stop that too

  24. She's truly a genshin impact character of all time

  25. Who else is excited for what new update to her kit we're getting next? /hj

  26. tbf I heard on weibo that V2 won't improve anything, but bigger changes coming in V3, so I think more accurately I'd say if nothing good in V3 then not much hope for it being saved

  27. Also V3 should be out before Alhaitham's banner is over if that matters to you

  28. "Yae and Kuki were made good with Dendro, Fontaine will totally release an 8th element that fixes Dehya"

  29. Gigachad my ass . They ruined on of the best designs ever with this shit

  30. *ruining, we're only on week 2 of the beta, still plenty of time to ruin it more

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