1. Scarif rebel pathfinder is great too. Better than sisters imo.

  2. They used to have a team of play testers, but they canned them after a leak. Very obvious they don't test anything currently.

  3. $15 Mexican restaurant entrée is "fancy" now? That's about how much a taco truck burrito costs me.

  4. Do you mean JMK? Jedi Master Kenobi has no "G" in it.

  5. Yoko is to Chuck, as Chuck is to the hooker he pissed and farted on. 🤣

  6. I'm more interested in the combination of base speed and mods, because combat is based on the combination.

  7. Okay, not considering leadership abilities, the fastest toon will always be Rey with the person's fastest speed set+fastest other two mods.

  8. Only if they have Rey, we're counting GLs, and keep their fastest set on her.

  9. Gotcha. Well then, my LV is 569, and my Moff Gideon is 370.

  10. Speed is good. But for an offense primary, the secondary stats are suboptimal.

  11. Who do you replace HK with? I'm still using him and he's still a killer part of the team. I use DR, Fallen, Malak, HK, Marauder

  12. Do not relic hk. I made the mistake and now he just sits there doing nothing. If you need another sith empire, marauder and sith empire trooper are good.

  13. Finalizer already counters this executor lineup pretty easily from my experience.

  14. Finalizer has never been reliable, it can go south quickly. Scythe seems to up any Exec lineup without a stumble.

  15. Weird. I'm 3-0 so far using it in Kyber 1. There wasn't a single point that I felt like I could have lost either. Granted, I took my FOO to R7 to buff his ship, maybe that's the tipping point of success. Also, I would prefer to use empire vs profundity, since malev can easily cleanup if my finalizer fails at some point.

  16. I would suggest using them on offense. Much better there.

  17. I actually find that Executrix works better than Malevolence.

  18. Same issue for me on my LG V35. If the game is open in the background, then I will receive notifications.

  19. My thing is why not use Savage on his own squad? I get that’s a massive defense but I like having Traya on offense

  20. I agree. Savage with Traya seems like a waste when Sith trio+set+barris can probably handle almost anything just fine.

  21. The heal on crits helps prevent them from dying off too quickly. She needs her zeta though. It may not be necessary with the omicron, but she was a staple when they are used for countering Grand Inquisitor according to the stats on

  22. With Traya's new omicron. I'm assuming Malgus, and even potentially LV.

  23. He does tend to galavant as Bruce Wayne during the day so it's likely he gets a fairly normal amount of sunlight. Bane is just a hulking beast.

  24. I wouldn't be surprised if Alfred gave him a multivitamin each day along with extra vitamin D. I'm not a superhero, and I take that each day.

  25. I guess I'm wrong. My annecdotal evidence was that my sibling and I have documentation showing we were vaccinated very young and recieved boosters at 10 years old. We got only doctor recommended vaccines

  26. Rabies vaccine doesn't last 10 years. The booster would need to be given after two to three years. 10 Year booster sounds more like the Tdap vaccine.

  27. I was told 10 years after getting a tetanus shot a few years ago. I feel like rabies/tetanus could be easily mixed up by a little kid too so that's my guess.

  28. Savage is a tested solo team vs many high level squads, being consistent against CLS for instance.

  29. If the world was built on "might"s, only the strong would rule.

  30. Only the strong do rule. She should also be able to beat Malgus.

  31. How? QiRa's bust is literally blocking part of Ahsoka's torso from view due to her being in front?

  32. Oh for sure, I was just making sure I wasn't going crazy or losing my eyesight, lol.

  33. The latter, but the 4channers will say the latter is a direct result of the former. It isn’t. Imagine if Disney’s Hercules had come out in 2020. The manosphere would reeee endlessly about the fact that the muses are black.

  34. Hercules would have been a black female lesbian who demeans Zeus constantly.

  35. Why not use Vader lead? Then everyone on your team can remove turn meter.

  36. reason to take toons past g12, up to r3 or r5

  37. For a team with game breaking datacron, yes. Raddus team doesn't have any that warrant that.

  38. not yet no but they might, any team I use I'm taking to g13 at least just to get that part done

  39. Adding a D3 datacron isn't going to allow that team to do anything that it wouldn't do without a datacron and with a g12. Better off saving relic mats until there is a datacron that makes a difference.

  40. Watch Bitdynasty on the tube. Has awesome vids for every challenge.

  41. Aurra lead allows you to beat almost any squad that you can out speed (which is why zam I so important in GAC), and you can 2 shot JMK if you follow with GAS. Fennec allows you to beat LV.

  42. If they are similar in price, I will always purchase physical copies. I can sell them down the road or lend them to family/friends.

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