1. Okay, straight up, why do a bunch of dudes hate Brittany Griner so much? Ootl

  2. Black gay woman who has been critical of racism in the US. It’s a simple formula.

  3. It especially bums me out when it’s a murder suicide. How much of a monster do you have to be to take someone’s life and leave before you experience any consequences?

  4. It’s so malicious. If you hate your life and want to go fine, but leave others out of it.

  5. Power and lack of emotional guidance. Dangerous combination.

  6. I don’t know if you mean physical power or more social power but honestly, when men use guns like this, I don’t think it has anything to do with being more physically powerful. A woman could just as easily shoot a partner at point blank range and they don’t do it as often.

  7. Ah man, not the Nobel Prize winning war hero, and first man to go to Mars Bam Margera, what will thw world do if this absolute Pointless person died?

  8. He will be dead soon. He already has signs of brain damage.

  9. I have always been fascinated with Russian history and culture and wanted to visit when I was young. After getting older and aware of the political issues and danger, I am resigned that I may never go see it.

  10. Nice rec! I’m out in West Philly and haven’t tried this yet. Gonna keep it in mind.

  11. No. These are just homophobic weirdos. This comment section immediately turned into a cesspool.

  12. It’s too early in the day to choose stupidity, friend.

  13. Modern phone cameras have reduced the difficulty by an order of magnitude.

  14. Absolutely. The updated cameras plus just finding the right light creates beautiful void pics.

  15. Men can't be tested unless it's visible (warts which go away over time and doesn't give risk for cervical cancer). Hence why her saying he gave her HPV wouldn't be very reliable. No test for it for guys and honestly majority of people already have a strain. If you've had sex with multiple people or your partner has, chances are likely you got it. Condoms don't do shit

  16. A lot of people don’t have sex ed at all and, in my case, it was a very short program and I don’t remember being taught details on HPV.

  17. You're speaking the truth. No idea why you're getting downvoted.. It's pretty much impossible to figure out where, what and why I was doing on a given day 21 years ago. This might be hard for some Redditors to believe but I didn't have millions fans and mainstream media tracking my every move.

  18. People are being weird here. All I’m doing is explaining the ways both of them would build a case. I didn’t make a judgment on who should win. That’s if this even goes to trial, which I doubt.

  19. 😳 I’ve 💯 been white girl wasted before but never started spouting off about how proud I was to be white…

  20. She took “white girl wasted” literally.

  21. Not airing a special has nothing to do with the justice system dude.

  22. Damn, I can’t believe ABC just infiltrated our justice system like this!

  23. I don’t want to get banned trying to explain. Regardless, why wait 21 years?

  24. Goodness if this is true then WW1984 is actually the best that Patty can do. She probably still believes that it was a masterpiece. Yikes.

  25. “Made fun of her due to her autism and cerebral palsy.” That bit makes me question the whole encounter. There was significantly less awareness of autism in 2001.

  26. He probably mocked her based on her autistic behaviors and didn’t specifically mention autism.

  27. Seriously? She looked like a baby in Lizzie McGuire. No way.

  28. Historical inaccuracies are only dangerous when perceived as true, and it’s on the viewer to take what they see in a film as historical fact or not.

  29. I think this is true but also that we have to remember that a lot of people are not very smart as well. Should creatives have responsibility for what they create based on this is the real question and I lean towards no, despite understanding how people might feel otherwise.

  30. Yeah I’m sorry but there’s a difference between having responsibility for what you create and having responsibility for how others perceive your work. That’s a pretty impossible slope to navigate, humans should be responsible for their own thoughts and feelings about a thing.

  31. No need to apologize, I basically feel the same. In the case of this film, it is obviously historical fiction to anyone who pays attention. The only reason for the inspired by true events label is because it is based in a real place and about a real tribe and that’s where it ends. Like I said before, maybe they should have eliminated or changed that label to better represent the movie but I don’t personally think the movie is a problem.

  32. OP didn’t even include a link to a video. This is not interesting…

  33. Yep, it’s original meaning in the black community was to become “awakened” to institutional racism and the mechanisms keeping the community down.

  34. I am not commenting on whether I support the decision, but I assume it was made based along the same ideals that our judicial system was built on.

  35. Is OP trying to say that the US wouldn’t have traded for Griner if she was a famous white man?

  36. Just curious, are there any other race-based critics associations? Or just this one?

  37. I found this list on RT. Not film critic specific but they list an Asian Journalists Association and a Latino Entertainment Journalist Association.

  38. Wait what? The French aren’t even in the movie, the Europeans are Portuguese. And they don’t even fight the Portuguese in the film either, they’re fighting the Oyo Empire. The movie takes place almost 70 years before the Franco-Dahomean Wars. It’s not the same historical event at all.

  39. They don’t even need to watch the movie, they could have read the plot rundown to get correct information in about 5 minutes.

  40. What a relief to get out of that marriage before the lockdowns started a month later.

  41. Yes but the official divorce probably took FOREVER in this case if it’s even finished yet.

  42. This production just keeps sounding better and better.

  43. I always find "reddit cares" messages funny. It's like somebody is really trying to throw a rock at you but the worst they can do it throw a small fluffy pillow.

  44. They are really toothless, it is kind of funny.

  45. Interesting how you didn’t answer any of my questions.

  46. This person ignores and explains away every single piece of evidence against Depp but thinks every bit of evidence against Heard is completely solid and tells the entire narrative. It’s basically the MO of most Depp supporters.

  47. A few years ago I remember thinking “have I officially given up on all forms of companionship if I buy one plane ticket and one ticket to the Blazin Saddles Q&A and go all by myself?” I wound up not going and now I’m engaged, so I guess it worked out.

  48. According to the article they were talking about Mindy Kaling's recent comments on The Office, and were using this movie as an example of something that definitely still holds up.

  49. The article mentions a Twitter debate about the movie that may have happened (I don’t really know) with a mention of Kaling’s commentary about The Office.

  50. Am I the only one confused as to why he cut off his family?

  51. No. I’m shocked people believe this story. It’s basically created to stir controversy.

  52. An accusation of rape can ruin someone's life completely despite that person being innocent. Purposefully doing that should be getting you prison time ...

  53. Rape can ruin someone’s life completely as well. They are still different crimes and the justice system should be based on “if you falsely accuse you get the exact same punishment”. That doesn’t make sense.

  54. Believe me, they would have known way earlier about alcohol in the system. She wasn’t drinking.

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