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  1. "Im not ready for a relationship because I need to work on myself" isn't necessarily a red flag though. It can be a sign of good communication and self awareness to be able to tell that to a potential partner straight up. I am super in love with a guy that likes me back, but I told him I needed theraphy for my trauma of sexual abuse before I enter a relationship with him. He has been very understanding.

  2. I'm happy he was understanding honestly although I'm in therapy for mine it only gets triggered when I'm seeing someone or like someone romantically not when I'm single. So my therapist came up with a plan when I am seeing another guy we can tackle the triggers while they are happening because what ends up happening for me If I'm not seeing any guy romantically I tend to not get triggered at all. So I decided when I'm seeing someone new I hope I'm in therapy when it happens so me and him can figure out my triggers together because I don't know all of them just some of them and what he can do when they happen.

  3. That sounds like a good plan! I also only feel anxious when I'm in love/dating, which made me avoid all potential romantic partners for like 7 years to avoid facing my anxiety. This time I met a guy that was too good to avoid, and he really encouraged me to be vulnerable with him and supported me on my journey to heal. I'm so grateful to have met him, otherwise I never would've gotten the courage and motivation to seek theraphy. It really helps to have a specific partner and situations in mind when I'm in therapy, and the opportunity to slowly expose myself to triggering situations. I'm three months into therapy now and honestly my whole life has improved already. I hope you too find an understanding and sweet guy to help you through therapy!

  4. His behavior reminds me of my own. In my case, I really want to have relationships and sex with the people I'm in love with, but massive anxiety and panic attacks forces me to run away. It's a huge conflict inside me. A few months ago I found out I'd been raped when I was younger and that's where the anxiety stems from. I'm currently taking a break from relationships now and going to therapy to process my rape, and it's helping me A LOT. I'm not saying the person you like have been raped, but it seems like he really wants to be with you but has some past trauma that keeps messing things up for him. Suggesting therapy to him might help him.

  5. They supposedly changed footstep sounds in 3.0 but I only noticed Miko's one now so I think they only just updated hers for this 3.1 patch. I'm guessing they want to add a lot more differentiation for walking sounds before Nahida releases since she walks barefoot?

  6. Cyno walks barefooted as well, its so funny hearing him run around in the cities

  7. I got C6 Kuki and C1 Candace after 150 pulls. I don't have Kuki before this

  8. Are you me? I was also pulling for Candace, got 7 shinobus šŸ˜­

  9. Thank you for your story, reading it I felt hope for my future relationship. I've also had panic attacks, depression and endometriosis, on top of being raped. Before entering therapy, I was convinced something was seriously wrong with me and I could never ever in my life be in a relationship with a man. This boy I met last year is the first one I've been honest to about my issues, its scary as hell but also liberating and he understands me so well, to the point where it actually deepened our emotional connection. I will definitely keep being honest with him!

  10. As much time as you need. Just be respectful to his needs and keep him in the loop about were you are at.

  11. Thank you so much for your reply, it actually made me tear up a bit. I really needed to hear that. šŸ’•

  12. razor ult at the spot he was shown sitting at during sumeru trailer

  13. True. That's the most likely option. But I just thought it would be neat if this far out idea also happened.

  14. Yes hello, I totally read this theory as a confirmation of Cyno and Razor being long lost brothers šŸ¤§

  15. Attack, element dmg bonus, crit dmg/rate

  16. no of course not, cause the person who made that webtoon is actually an asian gay trans man and im 90% sure people who are hating that webtoon is racist. like where's the fucking hate for heartstopper, a novel written by a cis straight white women.

  17. Where is the button to stop auto pathing? Can't find it for the life of me lmao

  18. ok so i actually found this quite helpful-- finding a celebrity to like. just watch videos and read articles about this cute celebrity when u think about him, u will eventually start thinking: oh he's actually way cuter than my crush and everything. otherwise, time heals everything lol.

  19. Never thought I'd be recommended to get back into fangirling kpop boys, but here we are šŸ˜‚

  20. They kinda are. Just put ears and a tail plug on/in a boy.

  21. Omg that's so cuuute šŸ˜­ as someone who also crochets I can tell you put a lot of work into this. Just beautiful, well done! šŸ‘ Did you make up the pattern by yourself?

  22. How much on field dmg does your miko do? Like her average E dmg

  23. I'm a swedish player that started the game yesterday. Which server do you recommend for me to use? Since I'm a beginner, is it better to start off in europe west to avoid queues and get extra rewards? Or will the eu west be less fun/more empty/dead compared to central eu? Which server will give me the best ping?

  24. 741N says:

    As a new player, I would 100% go for EUW. You get some extra goodies as a jump start and get to skip all of the several hour queues that Central has been dealing with

  25. xess says:

    Soft pity starts at 63, increasing by 7% chance per roll. Though the description says that hard pity is 80, there are no known cases of anyone ever reaching 80. Mathematically, hard pity is effectively at 77.

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