Which celebrity looks like they smell bad?

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  1. Prob going to stay for 2 nights. One day hit everything in milli and then another day or two hitting points of interest within an hour of the town. I enjoy traveling state highways and just seeing what there is. I've read that there's a place around there from the movie My Cousin Vinny and I might try to find that.

  2. The hotel in My Cousin Vinny was recently torn down.

  3. Ohh no! Do you think it's worth a visit? Is there anything left?

  4. Nothing left. It's been gone for about 2 years. I'm sorry!

  5. Maybe she should find another job. But I doubt that she is employable.

  6. Those tits are going to fall out any second!

  7. Pretty sure that's what the look is for. The top of her nipple appears partially exposed.

  8. That's definitely not Washington state in US!

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