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  1. I like to think it's exhaustion. People crying and screaming so much that they pass out. It's more horrifying when your body betrays you and gives up after the fight for freedom when you're being dragged away, then wake up already cocooned. It makes it harder to get away when you know others have literally shat themselves so much that they literally pass out from terror.

  2. At a superficial level, Snyder did adapt some of the scenes quite well from the book. HOWEVER, it's a bit embarrassing that Snyder didn't understand the book - and that's why it's difficult for me to watch his...interpretation.

  3. I've never read the comic book, but watching the film I definitely feel this. It feels like a lot of tendrils, not really attached to anything. The film makes a lot of points, but not in the purpose of a larger message. You can tell the film has a circulatory system, just not a center where the veins meet.

  4. So pedophilia seems to be the next big thing when prosecuting the LGBT community, huh?

  5. She’s trying too hard because she has a fear of aging. She doesn’t want to admit or look like she is. She wants to hold onto her youth that got her where she is now. She’s 63, can’t say I don’t blame her but I bet with her natural looks, she’d be a beauty at 63. What she’s doing now makes her look nothing like the Madonna we knew growing up.

  6. you underestimate how many people are on this planet and thats a really assholish comment. You’re pretty much implying people on this planet wouldn’t care for aging artists which isn’t true at all. It’s about the ART not just the ARTIST. Y’all don’t understand that evidently. Get it together donniedarkorabbit guy.

  7. None of these comments are accurate lol. They turned down the brightness because there were a lot of visible tape/zipties on the creatures and I suspect it was cheaper to just turn the brightness down than fix the errors in post. Which is weird because the Strauss Brothers got their start in VFX. You'd think they could pre-plan everything ala Fincher style.

  8. Cinema manager here. Every film in existence apparently exists in the MCU, since everybody sits through the credits for a fucking post-credit scene.

  9. Between this and Facebook which I have to use for work, I'd rather eat a bullet.

  10. That is amazing! More amazing than a diorama of a film scene (and there are a lot of good ones).

  11. There's also a scene with Sally sewing a guy into a mattress as he's slowly dying.

  12. The train... transformer box thingy just exploded about 20 min ago. HVL train stuck in Wallaceville. I think it was a lightning strike lol

  13. I haven't seen the animated series, but it was on my to-do list. It will feel strange now the lead voice actor has passed.

  14. Gino is truly hated over nothing. Sure he's snappy but it's completely justified. He's the most rational character in the season and he has great lines

  15. I will unsub from this community if people hating Gino is a real thing.

  16. For sure not Wish Upon, the movies main characters were like stereotypical blonde/brunette women.

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