1. That's what kills me. Is there ANY scandal that will end this family?

  2. I feel like Kim would have to outright say "I like Hitler too" or at least "Yes I knew, and I didn't care" for anything to happen.

  3. It has been pretty clear that SS has been limited to HBOmax for now, with Waller, Creature Commandoes and peacemaker.

  4. Which makes sense because TSS was only successful on HBO Max.

  5. I wish supervillain movies would actually let their main characters be villains. Black Adam and Venom (and Morbius, lol) all suffered from their protagonists simply refusing to be villains… surely it can’t be that hard to make a movie where the main character isn’t just ‘a hero but he kills people, oh no!’

  6. It especially falls flat for Black Adam since in this universe, a LOT of heroes have killed people.

  7. Could you imagine if Trump got convicted and still won in 2024? That would be a very 2020s thing to happen.

  8. Could the hit and run accusation Gwyneth Paltrow is facing affect Pepper’s future in the MCU?

  9. Then why are they so against it happening?

  10. Is there a lore reason why Harley's ass is so fat?

  11. Does she mean good bone quality or y’know, good bone quality?

  12. I mean he is an alien who gets his powers from exposure to radiation.

  13. It’s so painfully obvious they pay everyone off to publish shit like this haha

  14. So, we can add The Sun to our list of Karjenner Shills.

  15. Dayum! Probably pants. I want her to grind on me so bad.

  16. Dude just REALLY wants to beat up Superman.

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