1. " you are not my daughter anymore" because I made a bad choice that nearly got me killed He in fact, was and still is my dad. We're okay and even good now.

  2. I dont do controlling and manipulative but id stay with a gambler if they agreed to get help. In fact, the person im with does have a gambling issue, but he never lied to me about it and we have separate finances, sort of.

  3. Yea but it's about soo much more then that, we're talking hiding meetings with multiple girls behind my back, lying to my face about it , making me feel bad for having certain issues due to ptsd and telling others how hard it is for him , straight up lying and making me feel and for even asking or being worried and telling me that a normal top is too revealing and I shouldnt wear makeup or I should sit like a proper lady with my legs closed even tho I'm wearing a jogging at home and such. To constantly asking me who's texting every 5 minutes, what about, why and such, checking my phone , and the list continues

  4. Yeah he does sound like a control freak. No way id put up with that

  5. See I dont wanna leave because he gambled a massive amount of money. It's the lying and controlling that's really making me scared.

  6. Desire, longing, loneliness, arousal , obsession, there are many reasons as to why this happens , not all bad.

  7. Fighting for my life and running for my life. The harder I try the quicker I die, however it doesnt end in death, I respawn in a different setting to do it all over again and again, or my loved ones dying in front of me.

  8. I had these dreams as a child almost every night. My childhood wasn't the best though

  9. Yea no I actually was abused and a lot of my dreams recreate that trauma so ya

  10. Them trying to gaslight you, minimize things, calling you sensitive, and making you feel guilty for things you shouldnt feel guilty for.

  11. Them trying to gaslight you, minimize things, calling you sensitive, and making you feel guilty for things you shouldnt feel guilty for.

  12. Agreed, although I can't really backtalk to her, and would rather let my GF sort it out, she's not American conservative, we're from Australia, I think it's different.

  13. I'm not american I'm European 😅 Also quite conservative 😑 I thought Australians usually stuck to their guns 😯

  14. We do guns for hunting, not for self defense or some crap, but I cannot generalize.

  15. I meant it as a saying that yall usually say what's on your mind but I guess tv really generalizes everything

  16. I don’t know why my family and I still go there, I think this is the last straw now.

  17. Okay how about health policies???? They need Gordon Ramsay to come in clearly

  18. I should probably report them!

  19. Not to be a bitch but yes, yes you should because people are getting sick and they ain't doing anything about it

  20. Trying to carry all of the groceries in at once. I'm so lazy I don't want to go back outside, just wanna do nothing. So actually it's my most hard working and lazy

  21. I do this too, ain't no way I'm going back down after setting of the first few.

  22. 18 to 20 for sure. Was being abused by my then partner and eventually locked up and starved.

  23. "What are three totally uninteresting things about you I don't already know?" This will amuse your date and the response will reveal something about them as well as their sense of humour. As a bonus, what they consider uninteresting, might not be, to you - and either way, it'll be a conversation starter.

  24. Head injury- definitely a 9, the blow even knocked me out and I couldnt move me jaw without pain going trough my whole skull

  25. Thanks! We are trying to build an app for product discovery. So if you are interested to trying something a bunch of friends and I put together as a project, feel free to try it out! I sent you a msg with the link :)

  26. Good tips - indeed you need periodization. And you need to make an impression. That's why something they use on a daily or see on a daily would be a great gift! Thanks for sharing again :)

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