1. Imagine a country and its whole society so deeply fucked up that this is somehow good news and state propaganda. Fuuuuuuuck.

  2. Yes, fuck them. If Ukrainian athletes are dying in the trenches to defend their freedom then the Russian athletes must oppose the regime to end their genocidal invasion or just stay home and eat cereal and get fat.

  3. Russia used to believe that it was as strong as the US militarily. But now, after facing Ukraine, they seem to be scared of the military might of mighty Bosnia….

  4. We will always wonder what Russian leades really thought about Russian strength. I mean the US did rip them a new one in Syria and the whole world saw it.

  5. Russia's Day of "Diplomacy". :-D "I kill you!!!". But seriously: Don't worry, nobody wants to destroy Russia, we just want to defend Ukraine until your piece of shit country implodes and the masses hang you, Putin and all of his rich buddies in Kremlin.

  6. If someine is still in doubt if we should help Ukraine to the max, try to imagine her life. Russians trying to starve you, Nazis want to kill you, you fight off nazis, soviets want to erase your national identity, russians want to hijack your government, russians create civil war in your country, russians start a genocidal invasion.... It can end only with an implosion of Moscow. Slava Ukraini!

  7. I mean, at this point I wouldnt buy a Swiss army knife anymore.

  8. Well at least nobody can borrow it from you, which means they can't lose it. :-D

  9. Oh man. This and with the US republicans starting an arms race with Biden this could mean we are really moving into a new stage of arming Ukraine. Wondeful!!!

  10. You're the one attacking. You can stop attacking whenever you want.

  11. Can I ask a stupid question? My understanding is that west Ukraine has traditionally been more pro-Europe than east Ukraine, with east Ukraine having more links to Russia comparatively. Do people in the parts of east Ukraine today universally want to be in Ukraine as opposed to Russia or some other arrangement? What is known about the views of the majority of the locals in these regions like the Donbas? After Ukraine wins the war, are local referendums on this question an outrageous suggestion, perhaps as part of the eventual peace? Any thoughts?

  12. Well if you militarily occupy a certain region then proceed to deport the local inhabitants, burn their books, remove their elected leadership, cut them off from all news that isn't fabricated by you, move your people in to replace the removed locals, give them free places to live (stolen from the people deported) then you might expect different outcomes from such referendums. Otherwise from what I've heard Odesa was mostly Russian speaking before the invasion and that basically everyone switched to Ukrainian practically over night out of sheer disgust. Also if you live in a country and you want your region to be taken by some other nation then you should probably move to that country and not favour a genocidal invasion so you don't have to move your lazy ass.

  13. Quite a lot. Wasnt there news they are sending 7 billion € to Ukraine? Thats just the latest, they have already sent a lot.

  14. And in the other team, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves and other mercenaries and soldiers that all do the same things.

  15. All countries have mafias. Russia is a Mafia that has a country.

  16. If this is true, this would be a big game changer, more so than the tanks.

  17. Putin angry. Throw Plutonium. Just like for Javelin, Himars, Bradley, Tank... We afraid. We provoke. Brrrrrr. Slava Ukraini!

  18. AFAIK because we are all bitches for rich people. Many of the closest Putins accomplices and family members aren't sanctioned because that would be like sending weapons to Ukraine - Putin will be mad and throw Plutonium at us - so we can't do that!

  19. None of them working is not embarrassing, it sounds like a training opportunity for Ukraine maintenance crews.

  20. Yes. What they are doing is bullshit. Shame on them. In 6 months thay will decide to repair them and Ukriane could get them in 2025 - 2 years too late. Stupid.

  21. Vlad: “I need more citizen’s! Thus I am invading Ukraine!”

  22. Meanwhile the fear of escalation remains the main excuse not to send more weapons to Ukraine. Stupid.

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