There’s enough sperm sitting in donation centres to impregnate every adult women on earth. If men disappeared tomorrow the human race would continue.

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Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

  • By - afk14

LPT: When handling firearms, always assume there is a bullet in the chamber. Even if the gun leaves your sight for a second, next time you pick it up just assume a bullet magically got into the chamber.

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  1. If the exhaust is stock then you do not need to re map if you put on a new air cleaner. It’ll help but you’ll be fine with the stock map.

  2. Yeah, just slip ons for now. Wanted to wait for a tuning session until I decide on the cam.

  3. Just mixed reviews on comfort..I’m 6’0 195lbs…I liked the idea of being back a lil further.

  4. Comfort is, of course, subjective but I like mine. The stock seat was too soft for my liking and I also felt like I was pushed too far forward... I'm 6'2 240lb. I think the profile of the Road Sofa is hideous on my RGS, but the wife loves the passenger seat compared to stock. I'd be uncomfortable in about an hour and a half on the stock seat and have ridden 4+ on the Road Sofa and felt fine. Spatially, I'd estimate that you sit ~2" further back with the Saddleman.

  5. If you have any dealerships nearby, you may see if they have any demo models. My seat with backrest (highly recommended) was just shy of $900. It suck to blow that kind of money without trying one.

  6. I dig it, but I feel like it absorbs all light... and energy... and life...

  7. I spent an hour of my life pulling the metal badges off of my '21 RGS and I have zero regrets.

  8. I hate to be the crotchety old man, but do make sure that whatever you decide on has decent material in the palms. I like to think that "worst case scenario" I'd still be able to wipe my own ass.

  9. I read that as "Tortilla Flats" and was immediately disappointed when I saw my error.

  10. it is Tortilla flats for some reason reddit and iphone messed it up or I did lol

  11. Well hell. Now that's gonna be a definite destination then. LOL

  12. I just got my '21 RGS back from the local indie shop for $721. I supplied the bars and poly riser bushings. They covered the clutch cable and wire extensions (the clutch cable was expected but the wires turned out to be just a tad too tight for comfort).

  13. I've had good luck with a Dremel with one of their tiny buffing wheels and Mother's Metal and Aluminum Polish in the past.

  14. There's also Nevada, MO, pronounced like "Ne-VAY-duh."

  15. Being from Springfield the most amazing pronunciation that I've seen is the small town of Bois d'Arc.. pronounced "Bo Dark."

  16. I was into my '21 Softail Slim (river rock gray/black denim) for $21k including dealer installed stage 1 (SE backplate thingamajig and V&H Big Shots) and SE tuner along with 14" Khromewerks apes and all the wire extensions/cables etc.

  17. Nice bike. I took my first Harley in for a turn signal and walked away with a lowrider s 0 miles 😂. My wife was like wtf!

  18. That's essentially the same response that I got. Haha

  19. Have a 20RGS with 14" 47 signature bars. It you are not doing them yourself, don't let the dealer tell you that you will need new cables! My dealer said they could not use original cables with 14" bars, did it myself and had no trouble using original cables. Factory 47 even states it on their website that 14's will not need replacement cables!

  20. I'd read then same info. Talked to the service manager at my dealer and he'd said they'd installed them with the stock cables as well. Might just pull the trigger and do them myself when it's too cold to ride instead of coughing up 4 hours of dealer labor.

  21. ...and to clarify, I'm not horri-bad... I shot 22 for 22 until that damn #5. Just a weird range/pitch.

  22. Tangled hair? Start from the bottom to brush out the tangles. No one ever told me, and I never had long hair. My now 15yo daughter still teases me about my struggles with her hair.

  23. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

  24. Reminds me of the "fishing bobber" tans (i.e. sunburns) from back in the day when the beret was the garrison cap in the Army.

  25. My dad passed away 10 years ago due to cancer and had made the decision not to seek further treatment due to his advanced condition and the horrible side effects of chemotherapy, etc. My mom, sister, and I all sat and talked with him individually just to reassure him that we respected his decision and to give him closure as he invariably felt guilt for "quitting" ( I never saw it that way nor did anyone else).

  26. Hi! I'm looking for help/recommendations on a camera for my wife. She's taken a disturbingly in-depth interest in what I guess is called "birding." She legitimately sends me 30 bird photos a day taken with her iPhone and has expressed interest in turning it into a hobby. I perused the FAQ but ended up mind-blown with all the different options.

  27. Well, she's been doing her research too and has has been drawn toward the Canon 80D and a Canon EF 100-400 (blowing my idea of a budget out of the water). Yes, no? I know tools and motorcycles and zilch about cameras, but want to help her make a choice that encourages her interest.

  28. Eh, I hate to say it but: "size doesn't matter." I started on two-strokes way back in the day, graduated to a GSXR 600, then a VTX 1300, took a break for a few years, then a CRF250L, a Street Triple R 675, then a 1650cc Harley.

  29. Can never go wrong with a Bell pit boss. Has a drop down visor, comfortable as hell

  30. I'd seriously looked at those and I'd assume that the shape wouldn't be an issue for the short time it'd be on my dome.

  31. I've run GMax helmets since 2008 (?), but I've only had their modular helmets.

  32. Looks interesting, but I didn't see those pop up with any retailer I've ever used. Have you had the unfortunate experience of trying one's crashability? Any ideas on ratings? DOT, Snell, ECE?

  33. Is perspective getting to me, or is that a freakishly long finger?

  34. I love that snake venom, but I'd be miserable being stuck in "paint prison." Haha

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