1. You specifically said no law prohibits a minor from possessing a firearm. There are laws but it's based on the location of the person possessing the firearm meaning the possession in public is an issue.

  2. Check BassPro, there is also Johnson’s in Adrian that had it but it’s been years since I’ve been there.

  3. Not a great idea really, unless you’re using snap caps.

  4. That’s the case with some rimfires but not with modern centerfires.

  5. “Owning a firearm makes you no more armed than owning a guitar makes you a musician” - Jeff Cooper

  6. You should never completely close an eye while shooting. Even with high magnification optics you should only squint the off eye if you have too.

  7. 50 years of waste still sits in storage casks outside on a concrete slab. No sense enduring all the environmental risks with no reward. Might as well fire it up.

  8. I had really good luck this year with just the High Mountain summer sausage kit, 70/30 pork butt, jalapeño and high temp cheddar. Without the peppers and cheese, it was rather bland. I plan on using some encapsulated citric acid in my next batch.

  9. I can't remember if it was the high mountain brand I used last year or a different one. I either picked it up at Scheels or Cabelas. I remember it just tasted like bologna. Are you using the citric acid in place of the curing salt? I remember seeing that in some of the recipes, but can't remember what it was for.

  10. No, I started using it in snack sticks just to add some tang. It’s did wonders for the texture too. Now I want to try “Wisconsin style” summer sausage.

  11. If you are heading up the Lake Huron coast, just north of Pinconning on M13 is Sporty's Wing Shack. It's a bit of a dive bar with awesome waffle fries and tons of flavors of wings to please anyone. Be careful, some of the hotter options are legit hot.

  12. Good idea for a thread, driving Up North usually involves a stop or two each way.

  13. Check up on the zoning of the property, study up on the sportsman’s act and any pertinent environmental requirements in that area.

  14. Under the safe storage legislation, if an owner fails to properly store a gun, and that gun is used by a minor to kill themselves or others, the owner could be charged with a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $7,500 fine. If a minor uses the gun to injure someone, the owner could face a five-year felony charge. No one is taking guns away… this is just common sense. Explain why you think this law is restrictive to the families of the Oxford High school shooting.

  15. This bill is too narrow and fails in many ways. Namely the ability to prosecute the Crumbly’s had this been a law.

  16. Clearly not, not even in cases of the theft of unsecured firearms within reasonable circumstance.

  17. Trump signed more gun control bills into law than Obama did.

  18. Neither signed gun control bills. They both used EOs and Directives to implement their gun control measures.

  19. That magazine catch would have allowed you to cut and gut a mag for a very convenient brass catcher.

  20. The only difference between “smoked” and “clear” or “fresh” collagen casings is the color. If you’re smoking the sausages, it doesn’t matter. If you’re only curing the sausage and want that mahogany color, use the “smoked” casings.

  21. While I agree that is the case for most proposed legislation these days, it’s hard to say when it’s a bill is as bad as this and everyone still toes their party line.

  22. You can get delayed with a UPIN too! I just got a UPIN last Monday and went in to get a Glock and got delayed again! Got a call from another place that I was already waiting on delayed before the UPIN delay even came back! I was 3 days in on the UPIN delay with no response yet...pathetic system!

  23. You can apply for a NICS UPIN and you’ll never be delayed again.

  24. I believe a magnet is an option as long as it’s not used as an ammunition carrier during the stage.

  25. I highly suggest using yeast nutrient to ensure a good ferment.

  26. So legit question - do I have to register my long guns now, or is this registration for any new purchases since the legislation passed?

  27. Like the current law on pistols, it’s a sales registry so it will only apply to new long guns purchases or acquisitions in the state.

  28. There are a lot of far-right people in police forces across the state. I just hope that these new laws aren't used for targeted harassment of left-leaning gun owners.

  29. They historically target minorities, just as these bills will if they are passed/signed into law.

  30. Kitch iti kipi on a clear moonlit night(after the store and parking lot closes) is something spectacular. It almost glows in the moonlight.

  31. This is curious... what is the rest of the story?

  32. Johnson’s is extremely popular in autumn and they’ve been trying everything from food truck events to concerts and craft shows. Somehow they convinced a “community based” fundraiser to move out of the City and even out of Bay County to capitalize on.

  33. Get either get a flag the doesn’t go into the chamber or get in the habit of putting it down through the magwell.

  34. Look at the wear in the charging handle channel. I think your charging handle might be bent/cracked or your gas key is jacked.

  35. Wait wait wait. I’m not arguing, but I’m not a lawyer and this wasn’t my understanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong, which I completely could be, my understanding was:

  36. There are two laws and a hunting regulation on transporting firearms in Michigan. The law I previously cited for transporting long guns,

  37. I have a very nice Bark River Knife and a 2011 built by superior custom firearms. The original Marble Arms knives, Compass, match box and Game Getter rifle/shotguns are all UP icons.

  38. The thought is the best teachers will get scooped up by high paying private schools.

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