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  1. Thanks, I’m feeling much better now. Hope you feel better as well! Drink lots of tea and honey :)

  2. How long did your laryngitis last? Any tips? Did you have to use it at work as well? I skipped many days because of it and im afraid i will get in trouble. I dont think they understand my situation.

  3. Dealing with it now and have had it two other times. My voice is usually back by the 3rd week, and 100% (full range) after a couple months. I'm on my 2nd week and it's back to a raspy voice rather than just a airy whisper. Steam is good to moisturize the larynx, drinking water too. Other than that, waiting, sadly lol

  4. Yes my voice disappeared for 5 days. They were understanding but told me I will have to makeup for the missed days (3 days) My voice was back again after resting it completely. I rarely spoke with anyone. It was just a tiny bit hoarse at first but now its totally normal.

  5. Im having this problem now. I hope my laryngitis wont last long.

  6. That’s good to hear. Did you rest your voice or did you have to work during this time? I think my laryngitis got worse because I worked an 8 hour shift unable to rest my voice.

  7. I made my laryngitis worse by working an 8 hour shift. my cough got worse too. I skipped 3 days now and I’m so afraid of going back to work and make my laryngitis worse. But I’m also afraid they will make me fail or repeat my rotation. I am a medical intern.

  8. Oh no, They smell really off I agree, I’m probably gonna stop buying their products.

  9. Racism is not just “bullying” is it TRAUMA. Drop and report

  10. I wish more people will acknowledge how traumatic racism is. No matter how silent and covert it is. Racism dehumanize people.

  11. Your response is completely normal. That being said I think it's just bad wording on your therapists part. They were trying to lead you to deeper understanding . It's very typical CBT. Some people get bullied and are able to be happy, some people become heavily depressed. CBT attributes that to the underlying beliefs people have. If you have an underlying belief that you're worthless, low value, etc then you're going to internalise the bullying. You're going to think "what's wrong with me?" Rather than "what's wrong with them?" And then those beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads you to be bullied again in the future. I think that's what your therapist was trying to lead you to understand.

  12. I agree with what you said. I think my therapist poorly communicated to me that I have other issues I need to work on. Like my self-worth and value. Also I am intimately aware of self-fulfilling prophecy. I think I made my self an easier target for bullies over time. I wish my therapists will judge me less and realize a lot of my toxic thoughts came from toxic and abusive people. And I’m totally aware of these thoughts and I want to get better and this is why I’m seeking therapy.

  13. they probably aren't assholes anymore, if they are actually living fulfilling lives. Most people mature and grow out of it, and most people by their early 20's are actually pretty cool, positive people. Don't take what they did to you too personally. I say that as someone who was bullied a lot in school myself, holding it against them doesn't do anything to help it since the people who bullied you effectively were children and they don't exist anymore lol.

  14. Just because they are not assholes anymore doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pay for what they did. Bad things happen to the kindest of people why not them. One of the reasons I struggle a lot is because Watching people suffer doesn’t bring me joy. My bullies on the other hand are sadists assholes who enjoyed every misfortune.

  15. bad things do happen to them too, though. Bullied kids don't have a monopoly on hardship lmao. not enjoying watching people suffer isn't the reason why you're struggling. You honestly probably aren't being as nice as you think you are, either. I got bullied really bad in high school and while I recognize it wasn't my fault, the other kids did have reasons to not like me that could have contributed to the bullying. And those reasons were valid.

  16. I tried my best to be a better person. I did everything I could to make everyone feel comfortable. I was too forgiving of their behavior in fact. I kept assuming it was all my fault which made me depressed but I had enough of it all. I realized just because these people didn’t like me it didn’t mean I had to suffer this bad. Also looking down on them was the only way I could start loving myself again and stand up to them. I couldn’t do it when I was constantly seeing the good in them. Also it was very difficult for me too. I was often racially harassed by random strangers for years and it took its toll. And had to face my bullies everyday. Some of my bullies had reasons to hate me like my poor social skills and some were just misunderstandings but they refused to see it any other way. And some were spoiled brat who are used to special treatment and though i was a jerk because i never knew what receiving a special treatment feels like. Whatever their reasons my bullies weren’t saints and trying to hurt me over and over wasn’t being nice either.

  17. You talked about the memories of the past, so the bullying is a thing of a past or does it still happen?

  18. Its of the past. But I think I’m still angry and hurting.

  19. Are the depressing memories related with the house itself or in general? If any then we could talk about it if you are comfortable.

  20. Most of my depressing memories are not related to the house but part of me blame my upbringing for not preparing me to deal with bullies and narcissists.

  21. YES, one time i did the dishes, made extra sure everything was super clean because i knew how difficult she was, and she just redid the dishes anyway bc she didn't trust my job. Well at least she didn't get mad and smack me so I had that going on for me

  22. Isn’t that OCD though? She should be grateful you were helping.

  23. Yes! I was never taught anything, or allowed to help in anyway, but still somehow expected to know how to do chores and household tasks.

  24. i started doing this too. though i think i was just projecting my shit on to my friends if that makes sense. if its specific friends though then maybe u just dont like them anymore, which happens, and u could drop them maybe. my ex best friend, who was a great friend for years (in my eyes atleast) changed dramatically over about 3 years and i couldnt take it anymore. my friends and family never liked her so sometimes i think i was blind or maybe she did just change into a little shit. if you dont like ur friends dont keep them around, its wrong. its like staying with a partner you just cant seem to love anymore.

  25. It happened after I started analyzing everything they say and do and wonder “is this something I would have done or said myself?” And it turns out they remind me a lot of my past bullies. My past bullies were double faced. At times I will see them in a good light but other times they are mean, selfish and big jerks. People who will point out other people faults and mistakes to justify hurting them or to feel superior to them. One of my friends make negative comments about me as a joke and it’s something I wouldn’t have done myself. Is it possible I’ve been surrounded by jerks all my life and I only became aware of it now.

  26. I hate how people justify their shitty behaviour cause of their religion. Basic human decency is not being an asshole ffs.

  27. People choose to be assholes regardless of their backgrounds and believes.

  28. It happens occasionally when I’m severely anxious. Usually when I try to fall asleep, it disturbs me and it feels so real, like someone is whispering in a very alarming tone very close to my ears.

  29. Possibly related to the psychopathy or ASPD spectrum of behaviors

  30. Sometimes it feels like there are way too many sociopaths though.

  31. The whole concept of alpha and beta males came from wolves who did not know each other, and were not from the same packs, being held in captivity. What was wrongfully observed, and later disputed by the man who observed it, were aggressive wolves and the wolves that they picked on. The "alphas and the betas". However. In actual wolf packs, fighting only happens between the two lowest ranking wolves. Essentially, what's been labeled "alpha" is the male that is so insecure of his position, that he has to constantly assert dominance over the weakest and lowest pack member because his greatest fear is being at the bottom himself. Actually confident wolves protect the weak and lower members.

  32. Why they are calling it vasectomy or fatherhood ?

  33. After starting with internship I feel healthier in general. But I struggle with memories even during work I always hold back tears and feel sad. I don’t have much to do during weekends I just end up with intense flashbacks and feel sick. I find some people annoying during weekends and I can be very volatiles and lash out at them for stupid reasons.

  34. Yup. We just become who we need to be going forward but I can tell you there are people who thought they’d punk me down with their words at times since and boy did they regret it. I yell like a lion roar now and they step way back on whatever they were doing. I once put up with it but now I won’t. People underestimate people like me and assume they won’t stand their ground.

  35. Yea people underestimated me a lot. looking back at the situation I realized I had power over them all along but I failed to see it and they manipulated me into thinking I had none. Shit like that can happen to the strongest of people.

  36. I used to cover my hands in Elmer's glue before recess so I could spend recess peeling it off

  37. I used to clean other kids litter to distract myself from my loneliness. Perhaps it was the only way I could connect with other kids without actually communicating. Does that make sense? sad story though lol

  38. It’s the: “why are you sad? You have a house, food, and clothing. You’re just not grateful”

  39. Also I have heartbreaks, emotionally manipulative people, bullies, toxic people, sleep deprivation, high expectations from society, .. etc

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