1. Is it still? Because that expiration tag is gone.

  2. EXP sign is gone now. Hopefully that means the contract was renewed or whatever.

  3. Yea I just saw that looks like they renewed their deal to keep it on Hulu

  4. If you look at the timeline carefully Abruzzi was incarcerated after link was. The warden gave link PI as a way of him getting some time in the yard you have to remember the warden was extremely nice with link. (This is a callback to the warden believing in rehabilitation rather then punishment for prisoners) And when Abruzzi arrived he did buy out the rights to PI under the table but he couldn’t just fire link because the warden wanted link to be in PI. And even if you wanted to say the warden wouldn’t have cared abruzzi had no beef with link and already knew he was on his way out anyways

  5. When self was trying to sell it the buyer double crossed them, that buyer was working for Cristina scofield aka (Michael and links mom)

  6. No doubt in my mind he would’ve he was very calm up until he read his name. Because you can really tell they were best friends and the last thing kellerman says to Danny was “you named me”

  7. People are voting like you asked “who was the better character/actor” 🤣

  8. Oh no that wasn’t my intention at all i just genuinely wanted to know who the community thought was more helpful throughout the season 🥲

  9. Well played L for me cause I didn’t say it right

  10. Naw season 5 being the worst season is actually a popular opinion

  11. I hear that every now and then but only real issue people have with 4 was it was very long it made sense at the time because it was the last season

  12. Hulu doesn’t have the movie “Prison Break The final break” the movie was confirmed months ahead from the series final which at the time before they revived the show was S4 Ep22 the reason why people say ep 23&24 is because some streaming services just cut the movie into two parts so it can be easier for people to see the movie as a way of getting the fans to watch the movie they made EP 22 have a time skip that takes place after the movie which started the big question “HOW DID MICHAEL DIE?”

  13. Oh that was you? Yeah, I remember following VGHS Tok for the posters for that exact reason, and then being really sad when the updates just stopped haha

  14. Yea sorry about that this was as far as I got It was more of me stressing out for something that I felt like not many people would even want+ work just a lot

  15. Did you by any chance have a digital file of the one you did complete that I could use? One is better than none haha

  16. Update looked everywhere didn’t find them must’ve deleted sorry

  17. Prison break is great but why would a company set up Lincoln for murder of Vice President? Rather, they could have just hired a sniper and shoot Lincoln directly. Next, what the hell does next generation syclla does? How did company invent syclla? Why didn't Lincoln father's army who were working against the company didn't help Scoffield and Lincoln brothers? Why did Socffields mother had to double cross?

  18. They set up link for murder because they wanted to draw out links dad so they could kill him instead

  19. Simple backstory: The Company was the one who ordered The Hit On Franks Family

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