1. CBD is very good for reducing hyperactivity and has the potential to help with this. Marijuana too. A lot of people complain of sexual dysfunction while under the influence, so that's worth noting.

  2. Thank you! I’m normally a daily smoker but have been on a long break to see if that would help the libido 😭

  3. I hope it (or the other options) help! I recently got off birth control and it did wonders for my health, so I'd hate for anyone to have to get on it just for this, but hey, whatever works. Best of luck!

  4. I like being off BC so I only plan to use this as a short term solution. Thank you! I’ve just made myself a lovely cup of valerian root & chamomile tea. Thank you for the suggestion❤️

  5. Sorry I should have been more specific, the back row seems to have many more bones than normal.

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