1. You got this gang , keep reminding yourself of how far you’ve come. Especially in such a short time

  2. Mfs cop 1 line acting like it gonna slap like a 30 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Check the item details from where you bought it, might have an answer .

  4. What’s the count in the bottle o bars? Can’t find seals around here to save my life.. just Pharampram bottles and a few RX here and there. Sure I could get some pressies but those are for the birds. What color are those?

  5. You gotta find a hobby you truly enjoy other than hustling . I felt the same way when I was straight hustling and forgetting about the things I enjoyed. For me bro it was skateboarding, before I started that I was depressed making money and fucking around with bitches but once I started to skate I got the “life” feeling again. Stay up brother and find something you truly enjoy other than hustling 🤞🏼

  6. Bro footballs are the shitttt, I love how fast they hit plus they smack you hard ash.

  7. Yo bro the flavored sparkling waters are fire from Walmart I believe they are called “Break Water” or sum bs. But bro if you can do small workouts nun crazy like push ups and sit ups and then just run a quick like half mile or mile. Cardio is what kills fat. Also try to taper ur amount 🤝

  8. One lucky man 🤧 with the self control I have I’d be cracking it the second it landed aha

  9. What shirt is that slime? Safe sippin 💯

  10. Unless you have a substantial benzodiazepine tolerance I wouldn't take more than 25 mg. You can always redose if need be. 50 one dose is a bit much,Especially with other benzos still in your system.Enjoy but be careful.

  11. Thank you. I don’t have much of a tolerance to benzos but I take some every one and a while. I’m thinking ima pop 30mg and see how that is. Like you said I can always redose.

  12. There should be a subreddit for all the telegram scams. Has anyone ever had success using telegram? Like seriously isn't it 100% scams lol damn I'm so glad I habe a good doctor and perscriptions for the drugs I need. I'm sorry for the loss bro!

  13. I scored successfully off telegram but you have a lot of luck and money ur willing to risk .

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