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Elon targets a guy who has stood up to Putin consistently over the last 22 years, saying that all he has done for Ukraine is tweet

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  1. It means "revenge for" not "supportive of" ya knuckleheads.

  2. Does the meaning vary like that? Like za rodina, za Stalina is "for the Motherland, for Stalin".

  3. You are right "virtual Battlespace" or something like that form bohemia interactive

  4. I already hate and regret that I'm in the know on this.

  5. I mean, law of large numbers / infinite monkey theory, yes you can always pull examples to the contrary out of thin air, but anecdotal evidence doesn’t change his point

  6. The original point rests on the law of large numbers. Mine does not, it's a small sample. (They've killed 10 people this century.)

  7. Monkey typed Shakespeare on the first go. I'm fairly sure you can parse the point even if I'm mangling my theorems at night.

  8. Maybe they're actually Wanker group fans simping for them with patches.

  9. "We're low on oil, so to solve the problem I suggest we go do one of the most oil intensive things a country can do."

  10. I'm going to say it here because nobody else seems to want to and I'm tired of hearing nonsense out of the GWOT.

  11. What we learned is corruption will destroy your project no matter how many troops you throw at it.

  12. I've felt ya'll have the attention span of a moth, but I didn't say anything.

  13. A single digit CEP is cool and all, but the unit is just slightly important as well. (1m CEP is good, 1Mm CEP is kinda shit)

  14. Korvauksia saa tosin maksaa jos tekee sillai tyhmästi.

  15. "I don't normally bring religion into the office, but this ethical dilemma requires consulting the Pope"

  16. Maybe that's when they realized they better not show what paper tigers they are unlike Russia.

  17. Imagine being the tank brigade commander with the most tank brigade commander physical appearance ever.

  18. Joo, no Obama on kyllä kaikkea muuta kuin pyhimys. Yksi USA:n historian sotaisimmista presidenteistä. Laiha lohtu, että osaa nauraa itselleen, kun on vastuussa todennäköisesti useammista kuolemista kuin itse Putin tai juuri kukaan diktaattori ikinä ihmiskunnan historiassa. Tätä vaan ei saa sanoa ääneen tällä hetkellä. Nyt eletään "Venäjä on itse piru" aikakautta, ja tällä hetkellä mustavalko-tv:ssä USA onkin taas sankareiden sankari. Nopeasti ovat unohtuneet heidän rikoksensa koko ihmiskuntaa kohtaan.

  19. Kannattaa ehkä ottaa asioista selvää ennen kuin rupeaa päivittelemään. Obama on vastuussa lukemattomista kuolemista.

  20. Nämä GWOT, Iraq, jne. kuolemat on kommenteissa kärsinyt jatkuvaa inflaatiota vuosien varrella ja olenkin odottanut tätä.

  21. Liitin? Akku? Oletko nyt varmasti ymmärtänyt disruptiivisen innovaation oikein?

  22. You forgot this scene with 50km convoy stuck in the mud. Chekovs gun

  23. Seemed like a bit of a red herring overall. Felt like it just disappeared away at some point.

  24. Did you not read the part where he's a near sociopath narcissist? This dude wants to be rich and have his ego stroked.

  25. The public persona's always seemed more like a tool, and a highly effective one at that, for his business than something he desires.

  26. It wasn’t even his specific contribution, the US government paid for and supplied starlink to Ukraine and musk merely marketed it as his (not) generosity.


  28. “Can you provide a source please.” “Okay.” “W-w-wait not that one twitter lmao retard.”

  29. Yeah it's kind of funny how they blow out their sources "various occasions".

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