A giant leech as a pet

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  1. Remember, fresh caps are stronger than dried ones. I’d adjust for that and say 55g wet.

  2. It’ll buy you some time, but it’s usually all downhill from there.

  3. Looks perfect. Keep the surface looking like that. Fan to induce evaporation, that’s the trigger for fruiting.

  4. Okay, try maybe about 2 years? Some people are just born with musical talent, and others need to build it, which is why I can’t tell you exactly how long that will take.

  5. Never heard of them before but I just checked out ‘StabWound’ and I need to start checking out some of these bands more often.

  6. Find the source of water or temperature differential and stop it.

  7. Probably not so I won’t be around much longer

  8. If you’re worried about it, turn a glass over on it and press it down, and leave it there until they’re done

  9. What city was destroyed? I just visited Portland last month and it’s fine.

  10. These cities rebuilt and repaired over the last 2 1/2 years, homie.

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