I’m sick of hearing “climate change” and “Bitcoin” in the same sentence.

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Congratulations Lunatics. Do Kwon just gave regulators the opportunity they have been gagging for to come in and absolutely rail the crypto industry and exchanges.

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  1. Crypto has no reputation outside of these subreddits and hackers news

  2. It absolutely does. Things like this hit the news. People see headlines.

  3. Are you expecting your players to be able to figure out who this person is through insight? Have they met them before, without the mask? If not, there's no way they'd be able to figure it out even with an insight roll of 500.

  4. Why would they want to give away some of that profit to gamestop

  5. He can't RAW - he cannot take any actions while in mist form. Amusingly that also includes the action to change back into another form, so I wouldn't recommend using RAW in this case!

  6. Either way, i wouldnt really consider whatever form of communication he would use to call them an action

  7. It is literally an action though - Children of the Night (1/Day). Good idea to adapt it though, the players don't know his statblock.

  8. My bad, I honestly didn't even consider the actual action. I sorta figure they aren't really in "combat" at this point.

  9. I done fucked up. We have tickets to a concert the night of the 1st

  10. We could potentially try Tuesday night? Cal will be working. Summer is really screwing up the scheduling here.

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/WoodRiverTavern/comments/usmjn0/help_need_the_search_skeletor_jr/

  12. Maybe we can try next Friday for this? We've got a couple of other friends currently stranded in Boise that might want to play. We could potentially do an entirely online adventure if that's easier/Cal can't make it.

  13. Why let him roll if you aren't going to let him keep high rolls, assuming he didn't cheat.

  14. He probably did cheat. That's why you always roll in person.

  15. True. What is more likely? That the player is soo lucky that he got rolls that would mean he won the lottery?

  16. And just to be clear here, we are taking literal won the lottery level odds here. One in a lot of millions type odds.

  17. I think have Strahd ask the character who his favorite ally is, and then have Strahd say “die” and that party member dies. Strahd then says, “Death is only temporary, yet may your lesson last forever. Seek the Abbot, maybe he can help your friend. Hahaahahaaaa!” And then he bats out.

  18. Punishing a different, unsuspecting player would really fuck up player morale, imo. "Sorry Joe, you can't play next session because your buddy here picked you! Might as well make some other plans next week"

  19. That’s very important to communicate, thank you! The party has already verbalized that if the Cleric provokes Strahd, they won’t stop him. Could be a fun moment to show off his power compared to the party’s

  20. In this case, I don't think I'd actually take the player aside and tell them that there might be consequences. Save that for other enemies, not the BBEG.

  21. Exactly. The Rich getting richer, eating us poor ones up along the way

  22. Dang it's almost like it's by design or something

  23. The goal is technically to capture as many points as possible, but it is something that isn't supposed to be achievable. One problem is that the gamemode wasn't designed with the intention of people stacking specific servers with strong guilds or strong roamers. Servers are supposed to be somewhat even in skill and coverage, and right now they aren't. Maguuma roamers outskill the average WvW player when it comes to small fights and some tend to travel in small packs to boot. You're relatively protected if you travel in a zerg, but outside of NA, zergs aren't guaranteed to tag up, meaning that outside of like 4 hours a day, it's fair game for Maguuma. Additionally, even if you do travel in a zerg, a zerg can only be in one place at the same time. Meanwhile, Maguuma splits up and captures objectives that the zerg can't all protect at the same time. They have numbers, dedication, coverage, and skill that not all servers have, especially not in such a high dosage.

  24. It kinda just sounds like you're agreeing with the person you're responding to, tbh

  25. What? Regardless of if btc exists or not more renewable energy is always good,

  26. I don't think I've ever seen a point so badly missed.

  27. There's no world where producing more than is necessary is a good thing. That's the point. If we need 100,000 acres (arbitrary number) of solar panels to sustain society WITHOUT crypto and then need to invest another 10,000 acres (arbitrary number) to support it, all we've done is use an extra 10,000 solar panels worth of resources for zero benefit.

  28. Since I never did anything with the tickets and occasionally playing wvw with some wvw people got me close to all tickets I needed. The rest I got by doing wvw because I need those damn gifts of battle

  29. What annoys me about it is how many gifts of battle you need for the ring itself. I dunno, I think maybe it would be better if it was something achievable (or mostly achievable) while grinding out GoB's for other legendaries.

  30. Just remember, ANet thinks this is A-Okay but saying your stupid teammate in PvP is stupid is a bannable offense which will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

  31. "Don't be rude" isn't a very difficult concept to grasp, whether or not botting exists

  32. DM fiat is one of the primary rules of the game.

  33. I think it is the only rule that is repeated multiple times, even.

  34. I think this is the best option. One works as a normal shield and the other a re-flavored flail for 8d+str damage.

  35. Yeah, but they probably do it in animes or something

  36. Well, Do Kwon did sort of promise it wouldn't fail like it did. So it didn't really work as promised.

  37. Companies that fail don't promise they're going to fail.

  38. I understand. My point is that everything is promised to succeed, even the things that fail. That doesn't mean all the failures are frauds because they made a promised not to.

  39. “Texas law that prohibits large social media companies from banning users over their political viewpoints.” What am I missing here with all the “this law will inhibit free speech.” Seems to do the opposite.

  40. Want to clarify here: Do you think you should be able to incite violence via social media?

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