1. Lmao I guess I’m just not used a community being a bunch of soft serve ice cream

  2. I have 3 trees like that one, but bigger in my backyard. Lost a 4th to a storm last summer that smashed my shed. Worried about this storm tonight as the others would fall on my house or my neighbors.

  3. the dark on the tree where it split isn’t from lightening burn?

  4. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but a lighting strike would leave a lot more wood debris around and it would have been incredibly loud. It would also probably have been smoking.

  5. Is your admin holding you accountable for your student behavior? If not, get a grip, they’re KIDS.

  6. That White Truffle is my Go To. Reminds me of the OG White Widow

  7. I’m tuned in to this post. Should I beat up my tranny during my 36,000 mile warranty period?

  8. Now wait a minute? Some luster strains are naturally darker than others (big head, white truffle). That’s doesn’t mean they’re old or bad?

  9. They've already had an orange cookie Mac luster... it's just been forever for some reason

  10. I had this happen to me as well. Do cops have access to this?

  11. Why is everyone trying to give this guy suggestions?

  12. I’d love to know which you enjoyed most I’m looking at the jealousy gelato for shre

  13. Put in your order before 9am on 2/14 at Rise and you’ll get the same deal.

  14. You can submit your order right now. Unless you’re working from now until 9am you should be good.

  15. Best thing to do with bulk bud is to make concentrate, primarily rosin

  16. My iCloud has 480 GB being used currently. I would like my photos locally on a drive for safe keeping. Also since they’re on back order, I’m surely not the only one.

  17. I have 20,000 photos and 1100 videos with a 256 and still have room

  18. I’d like to add to this thread. Last week this game could run at 144(max) frame rate for me 1080p i79700 2070super.

  19. There is a screw right above the hose connection that is on the carb, that controls carb drain. If the petcock is on and it's not vacuum operated, the gas would just continue to drain while the gas tank kept filling the bowl up. But you have a whole other issue here as well, which is that funky-looking carb. Pull it off, check all the Orings and replace, as well as change the float bowl gasket. It's possible it's not leaking from there, but that is definitely a carb drain bolt with a drain hose on it, and it looks like it needs some maintenance.

  20. So basically I left the fuel on and the gas leaked out the drain?

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