1. They shot towards a gas station? Couldn’t it have blown up and killed everyone there?

  2. This is awesome!! These are the exact kind of maps + data visualizations that I love!!!

  3. Overseas Coast Guard det. They get per diem. Look up per diem rates for NSA Bahrain. It is as nice as you think. The more you work with other branches the more you realize the Marine Corps is really getting shafted.

  4. The Marine Corps isn’t getting shafted; the Marines are getting shafted!

  5. I remember LinkedIn was considered really expensive at the time...

  6. Oh my god it's crazy we're losing Raiders too. Does the Marine Corps have to suck everywhere, even at MARSOC?

  7. Yeah...20 years ago...I'm all about it. Now, no way. Makes ya wonder what they do with staff ncos in recon.

  8. Same thing as grunt SNCOs, stick 'em in S-3!

  9. There's a paywalled article with one more video

  10. Oh man, I’m getting flashbacks of when mgsv was released and people swapped the bird models for ocelot.

  11. Fun fact, Image #3 and the story behind it are shown to Army trainees to impress the importance of establishing fire superiority before attempting to render aid. I think it was three different dudes that died one after another because of that.

  12. I vaguely remember being shown it at either Marine bootcamp or SOI as well.

  13. Yessir, the 100th Battalion/442nd Infantry Regiment based in Hawaii.

  14. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to Tun Tavern for the afterlife. Fuck that heaven & hell shit. Cheers!

  15. Watch out for those fuckin' Heaven Patrol MPs.

  16. We regroup in hell and then are sent up top to stand duty when we’re on the roster.

  17. Goddammit being a Marine is such a raw fucking deal.

  18. Some just shoot themselves in the back of their heads a few times too.

  19. At least they were considerate enough to clean their suicide guns afterwards!

  20. What does aircraft assault exactly entail? Are those hostage rescue situations from hijacked commercial airplanes?

  21. They rappel from planes to assault other planes.

  22. I think devil docs deserve the EGA on their cammies.

  23. All we need now is the Knife Hand Knife Hand!

  24. One huge issue is that as AGRs, at least in the reserve component, we go to active component schools. It’s not as big of a deal for us on the NCO side but brutal for the officer side. Like as an NCO it doesn’t really affect my promotion potential, but the AGR MAJs I work with get so bent out of shape over it.

  25. You need to raise interest rates, increase taxes, and cut gov't spending.

  26. Super neat! I visited Buena Vista Park yesterday and was wondering why the gutters were so nice!

  27. I thought all three were reservists.

  28. I think Drew was a 6-year reservist. Riggle was both AD and reserves. Driver was AD then got injured.

  29. His rank is LT but his pay grade is E5!?!? 😂😂😂😂

  30. Please tell me how you get Regular Seals SF and the fucking 10th mountain are tier 2

  31. Cuz they MOUNTAIN TUFFF 🌋💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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