1. My suggestion was mostly a joke. If nobody can afford to live there the only ones available will be the ones living on the street.

  2. I mean, did Tolkien ever say they didn’t? He never mentions Aragorn’s pants either, but it’s safe to assume he was wearing some.

  3. I actually live nowhere near Toronto and grew up in a very blue collar town. I am just stating the facts. You can certainly live in other cities, and yes remote work has shown this as basically all of Ontario south of Ottawa is unaffordable now.

  4. If people cant afford to live and work in the major cities then employers will either have to mover their offices or accept remote workers. Or automate the jobs out of existence but if it was that easy they'd be doing it anyways.

  5. Jesus was the only non-NPC and we killed him. So we're stuck now and there is no current way to beat the game.

  6. If that’s the way god setup the game then we did our part.

  7. Problem is how do you get you simulated hands on the controller?

  8. Pearl Jam is best known for their debut Ten, and their next two albums; Vs. and Vitology. These are the three albums everyone knows (Daughter, Better Man, Black, Alive….) but their album No Code is their magnum opus.

  9. I love Workingman’s Dead but American Beauty is the better album. Top to bottom it’s just excellent WD doesn’t quite have the consistency.

  10. Defeats the purpose of this sub and is generally detrimental to the overall culture of this place. My two cents.

  11. You should take your two cents and invest it in the market. 10% interest accrued daily and you’ll be a millionaire in no time!

  12. Crimea really is such a central part of this. Of course it always has been, but with how spectacularly Russia has been failing in its military goals, I wonder how and whether Crimea will have a future as part of Russia.

  13. Crimea is still part of Ukraine. Nobody has recognized Russia’s illegal annexation of it. The only ones thinking it has a future as part of Russian are Russians.

  14. I’m pretty sure he’s talking to the old curmudgeons that vote for him not expressing any real solutions. It’s like Russia talking about Ukraine, all propaganda to keep the people on their side. The old Tory voters know the problem is that young people these days are unwilling to work, no matter whether that jives with reality.

  15. Top Gun. It’s bland, boring even in the bits that are supposed to be exciting like the dogfights.

  16. Trump owes them a ton of money. It's who he has been getting his loans from for years

  17. Does he have to pay it back in rubles is the question.

  18. Gandalf has a fair amount of intuition or maybe you could say he understood the workings of Iluvatars mind better than others. There’s no real logical reason why he would recognize the value of hobbits that nobody else did, or think that Bilbo could be a burglar. He saw value in the insignificant that others overlooked and that he realized did have a purpose in the world.

  19. These people need to realize that they are not in the US. There’s no free speech guarantee in Canada. They lived their whole lives here and didn’t learn that yet?

  20. They do have free speech they are not free to call for the overthrow of the government and organize a blockade to try and bring it about.

  21. Kenney was put in a difficult place, the UCP base is full of wild Rose crazies that think Alberta should seperate and that covid was a hoax, the other half is people who want right of centre policies. The UCP is under attack from the WIP and NDP from both sides so kenny tried to make both sides happy but that's impossible and all he did was piss everyone off

  22. Many people are coming to realize that the NDP as they showed when they governed were rather centrist and not as far left as Jason Kenney wanted you to believe. The same people are questioning whether a party that is more and more becoming like the american right really represents them.

  23. Now that you do you should consider yourself luck, luck, luck, lucky

  24. Hot potato, orchestra stalls, Puck will make amends.

  25. Unpopular opinion maybe? I don't really like the show as much in Season 3. I know that Barry has done awful stuff throughout the show and it really is interesting to see how deranged his mind is. He's like a child looking for validation all the time but his character has really gone full dark now. It doesn't feel like a guy who is trying to get out of the game and be a better person. It's just a wildly unwell man who happens to kill people.

  26. It has gone full dark but somehow also ramped up the comedy. Personally I'm loving it but it's definitely hard to root for Barry, or anyone really except maybe Noho Hank and he callously has people murdered at the drop of a hat so it's not like he's a saint.

  27. There was an investigation and it was determined they all fell out of those windows on their own. No evidence of pushing was ever discovered.

  28. Within 32 light years is what they are considering. I guess it’s fine to look but yeah reaching them doesn’t really seem to be anything but science fiction at this point.

  29. Oh, him, he really was Jim's right hand guy

  30. It has it's own brilliance, definitely underrated. Especially if you know the story behind it and you lookup the meaning of all the words.

  31. Climbing the Walls is one of my least favorite songs on a very strong album. I do not get you people.

  32. It's a timeless anthem. Speaks to the life of office workers everywhere, many of whom had probably been fans of the band for a couple decades by the time this album came out.

  33. Succession keeps getting better and better. I'm in the second season, eighth episode and it's just living up to my expectations. Surprising thing about it though, is the humor, never expected a drama show like it to have haha moments.

  34. See that's because you've got it backwards. It's a comedy show with the drama there to tie all the funny bits together.

  35. Everyone talking pandemic supports but really in a period of high inflation it's pretty much inevitable. Wallets get squeezed, spending gets tightened, it's not the Walmart's and Costco's with their cheap goods that take the big hit. Interest rates start going up to combat that inflation and the debt starts to get that much worse.

  36. I live in Edmonton and work in BC. These types are more prevalent and numerous in BC it's just BC resident reddit users ignore these asshats and post pictures of sunsets and rage about unaffordablity. Stop empowering these idiots. Don't post pictures of these stupid trucks. This is what enables these morons. Stop being friends with these types of people. They are showing us that they are dumb and misinformed. We have to stop empowering stupidity.

  37. I’ll believe it if you’re talking interior BC, most of it is just Alberta west.

  38. Your understanding sounds very Protestant where Tolkien was Catholic. The Ainur are the equivalent of angels not gods. Certainly Catholics who pray to the Virgin Mary and don’t consider it breaking the commandment to have no god before the almighty could see the difference between Eru and the Ainur.

  39. It's true that Catholic and Protestant theology differ on the validity of praying to Mary, the Saints and the Angels.

  40. I think you’re completely overlooking how they relate as groups. Illuvatar is clearly superior to the Ainur with one who rebelled against him while the rest serve faithfully. I don’t see the independence you mention rather they have areas that are their strengths and focus but they are all in service of Eru. This seems similar to angels Michael and Gabriel in particular.

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