1. Yeah but they also don’t have the Cardinals.

  2. Mexico City and Vegas is making a good case. I'd love to see one of those get a chance.

  3. Louisville/Cincinnati Ik far apart but still only 1 makes sense should also be added to keep it even and so expansion can just happen all at once and 4 teams

  4. The US women's national basketball team is by far more dominant (eight straight world cups / seven straight olympic gold medals) than USWNT in international play.

  5. Who cares? If they’re the best then they just highlights how bad womens basketball is

  6. And yet people still care to see women play at the amateur level. In 2019, revenue for D1 women's basketball was roughly 1/3 of men's D1 ball.

  7. Watch Bill Burrs bit on the WNBA in his new special. spot on

  8. I know that makes the most sense but yesterday was the first day I even for real played myteam. And I'm a huge raptors fan so I wanna run with end game scottie and kawhi

  9. Idk but I've been running Scottie and invincible dbook and bill Russell and been winning most of my games . I haven't really seen any tacos or yao

  10. That’s wild. I’m see Russell/Booker and I make the entire game about abusing them haha

  11. Correct. And in that case, having lots of 1st teams meant less if they're acquired in the years when the centre position was the worst in the league's history.

  12. No, they meant he was the best C I the NBA for 5 years, regeardless of how you try to qualify it.

  13. Naw. Flair makes this sub miserable. You can’t make a comment without someone changing the subject to your team

  14. What exactly is a valid “medical reason” to not be vaccinated at this point?

  15. The small percentage of those who were deemed under risk if they were vaccinated, or those who experienced very harsh reactions after their initial dose

  16. really can't believe people actually give a fuck about this lol this is how you know we're in the dog days of the offseason

  17. Neither. They release a better card a week later that’s actually auctionable

  18. idk, invincible bol bol was the best card in the game last year and tacko is just tacko

  19. No one disrespects LeBron for it.

  20. This can’t be real. Lebron initiated the banana boat “super team” era. He gets a lot of hate for it

  21. It took me until #8 to figure out it was only Western Conferecne teams… here I was wondering how the Bucks and Celtics could possibly not be ranked above the Nuggets lol

  22. This is a pretty lame post, like this is a very standard altercation and I don’t think Murray was trying to push him that hard lol not to say Harden isn’t bigger and stronger but idk, this really seems like a stretch to shit on him for

  23. Harden moved about as much as you’d expect from that push. He’s not like he was a brick wall or anything

  24. He has no actual logic behind his assertion. Just that Giannis would be the one jointing the warriors “cuz reasons”

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